I'm Depressed Since Yesterday

I suffer with depression...MATTERS OF THE HEART MAKES IT WORSE! I was pshyching out about havting to see HER today. I was wondering if my perspiration would be profuse and if I would have BO, if SHE would embrace me, if I can get through the meeting without being a sarcastic ***? But my greatest fear was that SHE may not be here at all! Now I'm sitting in a class, below HER office, afraid to go and hear the inevitable; SHE'S NOT HERE!

And to compound my anxiety, another lecturer friend of mine, a woman also, called me JUST to say hello this morning. She also works with HER as a fellow administrator, and she told me (the friend) that she had marathon meetings today. This, could very well mean that SHE (my crush) has marathon meetings as well. SHE never called to say that SHE would be out, something I would've appreciated.

But my biggest disappointment is that SHE doesn't consider me like others. Like I would like her to. Call, text, let me know YOU care about me and are thinking of me. I'm getting to hate HER so much! I have a very capricious love for THIS WOMAN!
22-25, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

Hi i'm not sure exactly the history between the two of you, i can see that you are hurt, maybe you should try talking to her ?? It might help..