"I Had Crush On Teacher"... well, I still do. I used to have a crush on a science teacher but I was 13 back then and didn't really understand completely what it was like to "have a crush" on a teacher.

I'm 17 now and much more mature (well, more mature than I was when I was 13 anyway), and I think I may be in love with one of my teachers. Well, not in love, thats a complete exageration but my god I have such an attachment to one of my teachers its unreal.

Just everything about him - he's the spitting image of Ryan Reynolds, and don't get me started on his personality. He's so smart. I think I act a bit of an idiot around him though, once he held the door open for me and I pretty much died and now he thinks I'm weird. Also died when he chose to nickname me once, was so hard to not just sit and grin, seriously... d'ahhhh I just wish he wasn't a teacher, also he's only about 7 years older than me. Love.

However as of the next school year I'm not in his class anymore, will just need to see him around :(
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I used to have a huge crush on my science teacher in the 9th grade. He was young, just out of college, and had the most beautiful eyes and smile. He would bring his guitar to class sometimes and play and sing songs. Didn't have anything to do with science, but man I loved it when he would sit there and sing to us. I think he liked the girls swooning over him. I had to move to another state that year, and I hated leaving that school, because of him.