Ohhhhh That Man

Mmm I forgot about him until I stumbled across this group.. Yet his face was the first thing that came to mind!

There he was, tall, skinny, He had glasses and ice blue eyes. He had a distinctive face and a high pitched voice. He was so high energy, had an unusual and spazzy sense of humor and used the word "groovy" profusely. Some would wonder what I saw in him, why would a girl daydream about him during class? What's the attraction?
He wasn't old or anything, he was about 36 maybe?

Well I always had an unusual taste in guys. I like guys that are odd, full of energy and act really energetic and childlike.

When I revealed this to my friends they teased me about it, the asked me "how far would you go with him?" and I never wanted to answer xD

Honestly, if i had the chance I would have definitely made out with him.  I always hoped that if we were in the classroom alone together he would make a move on me. I stayed after once to make up some work.

He leaned in really close to look over a paper with me and explain it. The anticipation was killing me at the time.  
I imagined him leaning in and pressing his shoulder to me, then resting his hand on my leg.. I immediately feel myself get hot. I would look at him and bite my lip, not sure how to react, thinking "Is this innocent? This really is right on the line.. No this is crossing the line, wait is it? Well my mom wouldn't like it, so it can't be okay.." Then reading his face and realize he's looking for a green light. But i'm too hesitant to give him one, what if i'm misreading this? I don't want to be wrong.. But what have i got to lose? and rest my arm on his arm, and look into his eyes, give a soft but coquettish smile.. And he would lean in and I'd know he was  going to kiss me, i'd lean in and feel him kissing me, and feel a rush in my entire body, wondering what was going to come next, then feel his hand moving, wandering up my leg toward my skirt...

Then I hear him abruptly say "Alright, does that make sense? Are you all set?..." And snap out of my daydream. Then realize I completely missed his entire explanation of the homework xD

ooooohohohoh it still really gets me there when i think about him! hahaa

babygirlxox babygirlxox
18-21, F
May 21, 2012