I chose this title because thats just what he kind of looks like haha! Well thats what the kids called him in high school. Lime two years ago. And yes he did kind of look lime him but i didnt care, what i liked bout him, i liked him because he was a history teacher!! and i love history! He loved his job. Not only did he bout history , hes made it a goal to go visit all the places he teaches about and he takes pictures he makes awesome powerpoints. He knows everything bout anything. Hes funny! Like really funny. He has all these really great stories, life experiences that i dont get tired of. Hes very intellectual.. or smart lol and he has all these really funny comebacks that just shut people up. Hes so full of knownledge and he will argue with anyone on anything till he wins the arguement but anyways thats what makes him sexy and desirable to me. I had couple dreams bout him... that ooh! Just made me hot for him so much more. I still find him so sexy. I think i always will lol
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this reminded me of my sex siren teacher in school and i just posted a story about her! Thanks!

im sure you like and adore him and i guess its cool and perhaps having in his arms will make additional things for you ha? LOL

love that story love my math teacher too she was hot add me please

He sounds like a fun teacher. Lot like one of my English teachers I had. Always telling stories about what he's done haha

Aww that sucks