Mr. Gorgeous

Oh my gosh. The last teacher I had a crush on was in high school. We had the same last name it was weird. Of course we werent related, he is white. He was older but his body was in great shape and he had this older mature thing going for him.He was about 5'10, Gray hair, it was attractive gray hair, broad shoulders, built. I mean I dont really care for looks but he was just... Just thinking about him now, he isnt even married i dont think. Oh yeah, time to go back to high school and pay him a little visit!! =)
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2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

gosh i felt that feeling before. idk there used to be a time when people looked for experienced mature people. Is that what you like about this particular teacher, mr gorgeous?
idk but i saw the episode of friends where monica likes burt reynolds... yea i guess for some women that equation works..

yea me too,,, who said older men are unnattractive?

yea i just have to agree

Do it! <br />
<br />
I've had sexual affairs with some of my past students (especially when they find I'm experienced at Master/slave) - and a few current ones at the time. Wonderful, passionate, delicious times. <br />
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Look me up too! ;-)