It's Just So Appealing

HOT for teacher- it seems like everybody had a crush on a teacher! I had a problem, though. When I was a girl, I didn't find any of the guy teachers that were to my liking. I had a burning desire to be a naughty schoolgirl, (It was just a fantasy.) and have a crush on my teacher, but I had no one to use it on. One day, as a sophomore, I realized I had a crush on a somewhat flamboyant substitute teacher. I was attracted to the idea he might be secretly gay. That wasn't near what I had hoped for my teacher-student fantasy to be. But, maybe as a FTM, it's the best I can give. Now, if only I could find a gay guy with a school girl fetish. It's just something about the girlish/child persona with an older man. That lifestyle is my fantasy.
Goslyn Goslyn 31-35, T Dec 7, 2012

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