He May Be Old And Married, But I Can't Help But Have A Crush On Him...

The plain idea of having a crush on a man probably twice your age or older disgusted me until I met Mr. Xyz. He was such a great teacher and still is. He's smart, funny, and the first teacher who actually helped me improve without making things boring. I think he was actually the first one I could connect with and really just talk to him and tell him about other teachers or the issues I have. Whenever I needed help, he was always there for me, never sounding frustrated about me asking for some help with his subject. Not only that, he looks great to. Despite him being in his 40s, he didn't look a day older than 35. He's always smiling and he makes you want to smile...at least he makes ME want to smile. He also has the brightest eyes that I could stare into for forever. I never realized that I was physically attracted to him. In my mind, I always saw it as me respecting him, which is true because the amount of respect he holds in my heart cannot be expressed. I can't stop staring at him during class. Especially his eyes and his hands, which are probably the most attractive part of him. Recently though, I can't help but stop staring at his pants. Its insane because he's happily married, but I guess I can't help myself. They're probably my hormones. But now that I'm done typing this and reflecting on what I actually feel for him, I've come to know that no matter how much I may stare at him, the respect always outweighs the attraction. Mr. Xyz is probably the most amazing teacher I've ever had. He's smart, funny, and definitely handsome. But I know that its just a crush, and there is nothing else to it... :)
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Me too! I have a crush on someone who looks 35 but is apparently 49, he's married and has two children. He talks about his family all the time. It feels like you've just written my story (except that I don't stare at my teacher's pants... yet).

haha i think us teenagers love the idea of forbidden love, but im sure we'll get over it sometime and stare at guys our age instead of twice as old as us. :)

My English teacher (who's female, by the way), was telling us that girls our age fall in love with older guys because guys are age are less mature than us (fact: guys do mature after girls, biologically as well as mentally), but when the guys get older and more mature, then girls start falling for guys their own age... it really makes you wonder who she fancied when she was our age.

she's definitely right. its like the guys our age sometimes act so stupid and laugh at the most stupid jokes, that honestly arent funny. oh and cant forget the fact that they think with their penis instead of their brains :P

how do u pronounce his name? wheres he from? sounds chinese lol

haha i just made the name up! he's american though. :)

Ah right lol

In Chinese, the 'x' sound is more like a 's' (or at least that's how it sounds in putonghua and cantonese, which are only two of the many dialects of Chinese). I've never seen 'y' used as a vowel, so it would have to be a consonant 'y' sound. The first two letters together would make a 'sya' sound, I suppose. Not sure how the 'z' might work.... You'd really need a vowel in there somewhere. Hmm. I do think it's possible for someone in Chinese to have the initials Xyz, though. Xiao YaoZeng? Just making stuff up. :-)

I actually thought Xyz sounded more Russian or something like that, which it may or may not. It's just that Russian is the most 'exotic' language I can think of, so I think anything that looks unfamiliar is Russian to me.

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