I Moved School

and i had this infatuation with my music teacher, i was 13 and he was like in his 30s. and he was called Mike Richardson...shouldn't really have known that but i found out ;)
and he loved me haha.. he came in to my class once, looked around, said to my tutor "great form"...Alison....Alysha. "Alysha? my tutor says. Mike says "Yeah...shes cool" Yes! lol i dont even think he knew i heard him ...but i played it cool, so many memories remember once i was walking to a lesson and saw him , wasnt looking where i was going and nearly fell over. I remember when he came over to take the register..i felt a sense of euphoria, i was so happy..but too shy to talk to him. and then he said "hello alysha" to me when he came to my name, in this funny voice haha. he was the best...he was lovely, so warm and affectionate...and he was cool and funny, he always made us laugh in class and he was playing the piano, i was obsessed with him ..and he winked at me once in class lol. and other memories...it was limerence..it was crazy...another time he was in french because my teacher was there and i was just staring at him but he never looked at me once and i just thought "Please look at me. I love you." and he did eventually, did this little gesture like to say "I'm not ignoring u." i actually loved him lol
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There's a million guys with the same name...you'll get nothin

why did you release his name?

I don't believe that you are 18.

I'm not 18 :S