I Have A Crush On My Teacher. (1st Time) Any Advice?

I never had a crush on teachers before and honestly, I think that having a crush on a teacher is somewhat ewww. I dislike the thought of having a crush on teachers because they're you're mentors, much older and blahh. Not until I met one of my teachers this year. My now: teacher-crush (If you happen to read my previous stories, he's the one I really like but then, Mr. J came into picture :P) At first, I didn't feel anything for him. I just started to really notice him when I realized that his acts & gestures are so similar to that of my crush at that time (a batch mate of mine). I fancied looking at him (my teacher) and his actions solely because it reminds me of my crush (at that time) since he's classrooms away from me.

But then, my feelings for that batchmate of mine soon faded away. I strongly know & believe that my feelings for him are gone. Weeks passed by until one day I realized that I feel something else for my teacher. He's just 4 yrs older than me - I'm 16 & he's 20. I really started to fancy him. Then I started highlighting things about him that I noticed before but chose to ignore like...how perfect his eyebrows are (I swear, i've never seen any eyebrows as perfect as that before - i'm not saying this just bcoz i like him. A lot has also noticed that) and his eyes are so wonderful. Theres just something so nice in it. He's sort of awkward too but that makes him cuter rather than creepy or what. And his gestures are so cute too! He's like shy and embarrassed and also phlegmatic. Plus his voice is unlike any other. It doesn't sound so manly and not too feminine too and his voice is so unique. I really like it when he calls out our section or whenever he speaks.

My friends who also fancy him (but some of them fancy him differently than what i do since they're guys) went on "Instensive Research" about him...or more commonly, stalking (cyber-stalking like through FB) and I really did so well on that and found out a hell lot of informations about him. (My friends even call me 'secret agent') I liked him even more when I found out things about him like he's a scholar, he's really intelligent & friendly, he loves to read books, loves pets and many more. I also read his essays which revealed a lot more about him. I somewhat knew him better when i started doing "Intensive Researches" about him though I'm aware that there's a lot more that i still don't know.

The thing is, we're not really that close. We don't talk to each other that much even as a student-teacher. Unlike my previous teachers to whom I could have jokes with or just act comfortably but still with respect. Or those who could easily approach me and talk to me even about irrelevant non-academic stuffs. In short, we don't have that much interaction and that sucks so much because I don't have much interaction with the teacher who I really like. Well, I was happy when he became my moderator in one of my electives. I could spend extra time with him. :) Maybe we'd get closer...closer even just as student-teacher only. I really wanted to get close to him. My schoolmates could really talk with him about different stuffs and interacts with him well. He even tells them stories about some of his life, job and studies. But we just can't talk about that. :( He makes me feel a lot if different emotions. This is just my first time having a crush on a teacher. But I also know that I should ignore or forget the feelings I have for him bcoz its so inappropriate.

What should I really do now? Pls. give me some advice.
I could barely say "Hi" to him :/ Which really sucks.. :(
I'm aware that he has his flaws and negatives too but despite those, I still like him. :)
I also wanted to be...just comfortable with him
Oh btw, as what I have stated, He just turned 20 last year and I just turned 16. (last year as well) Not much of a big age gap. We've got a lot in common too like tv shows, books and a lot of stuffs but i just can't talk to him about it :( He's also single and If i'm correct, he never had a girlfriend yet. He is straight (if some would wonder) :P
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Hello. All the best :)
Anyway I need some advice cuz I am kinda in the same situationas you except there's a bigger age gap. Uh what do you think? He said he wanted to hug me once because I was so sad after being bullied what do you think

We've all been there, but the thing about teacher crushes is that you're in love with their facade, not them, because you don't get the opportunity to find out what they're really like. I had a massive crush on one of the seemingly sweetest, nerdiest (my type) going and then I found out that he'd had a fling with a past pupil...huge disappointment. They thing I'm trying to say is, take their teaching and don't be embarrassed appreciate his hotness, but don't assume he's all that on the inside!

<p>&nbsp;<p>How about spacing yourself I know it's sound like a very intense crush but maybe your just a person that crushes hard. Did you feel this way about your other crushes? However never act on it because it is not right and it would be a regret because i'm sure you will find someone else to crush on. Just admire that one day the traits you are picking up from him will aid you in finding a good man later on. Do not stalk him i don't think you would like somone else to know about things you never told them. I think you feel nervous talking to him because you are secretly spying on him. give up the stalking and maybe you will be able to talk to him and have the proper student teacher relationship your depriving yourself of.</p><p></p>

He is your teacher so for him a relationship of any kind with you if found out could mean he lost his job so for you it would be better to just look from afar and you can not be sure that he has feelings for and so telling him how you feel could mean you are told something you do not want to know

I know about that and of course, the least that I would want to do is to hurt him and/or put him into danger. :) And yes, that's what I have resorted -- just to be contented in looking at him from afar. Now, i'd rather have nothing to do with him and try my best to act normal (REALLY try my best). Though, he found out about it. Even his co-teacher friends. O__O but still, he didnt reject or pursue me &amp; acts the same way like what he does before. Sometimes harsh, snob and sometimes friendly and/or neutral. He really used to act weirdly to me (compared to others - my friends even noticed it as well)

Go to his office and ask for help on things. That's honestly how me and my teacher started and slowly I would incorporate fun questions along with school ones and now I feel like I can talk with him about ANYTHING. Granted it depends on the type of person he is since everyone isn't the same

Ohh...I planned to do such before :) Specially since he's so accommodating when my classmates ambush him with questions and stuffs lol :))) But then, I always get tongue-tied and nervous to talk to him :S even just to ask permission to go to the CR! I think that's what I lack - communication w/ him - so as to develop a deeper interaction &amp; relationship w/him (even not the romantic way) HOW I WISH I COULD BE LIKE YOU &amp; YOUR TEACHER :') Talking JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. Thats so nice, cute &amp; comforting. :) Also, sometimes I feel scared of asking him things &amp; follow-up questions in fear that he'll think that I'm not intelligent :(

I was the exact same way. my prof actually intimidated my first semester, and I was like 'I can't talk to this man, I'll never meet with him!' but he started giving me signals that he kinda "liked" me in whatever way it was. That first semester I never saw him and never spoke up in class. Then the very beginning of last semester, I decided to just talk to him. I was a nervous wreck and looking back, I'm pretty sure he was too. But as nervous and weird as we were it was OKAY. I honestly didn't expect to meet with him after that because I didn't feel I needed to. Then I met with him again...and again, and again, and now it's a ritual and as we got more comfy being around each other the less awk it got. Granted even now we can still be a lil awk when we are alone but it gets better with practice trust me!

I used to feel really intimidated by a teacher I liked, too. If I had questions or whatever, I couldn't ask him in person, so I just emailed him my questions. Now I feel like I can email him about all kinds of stuff (including silly stuff), and I feel less awkward talking to him in person, too.

Try to talk to him a bit more, maybe take some work to him if you get stuck on something or even just raising your hand more in lesson.
Sometimes you have to get a mutual understanding with a teacher. But yeah, certainly dont act on your crush on him because it could be fatal to his job. Don't feel ew about the crush either, its perfectly normal :)

Oh, thanks for that :)))
Yeah..i guess I should communicate more with him, though...I always get tongue-tied and couldn't even go to him and ask for permission to go to the CR lol xDD I'm really that nervous, uncomfortable &amp; agitated around him. And yeah, I'm not acting on my crush to him :)) I've long given that up even w/o trying yet :P :)) But Uhmm..I think I gotta have a hard time on acting normal to him &amp; talk more since he already knew about it (even his co-teacher friends) aww O__O I dunno what to do now...just trying..really trying hard to act normal.