My Crush On My High School Mathamatics Teacher

While a sophomore in high school and 16 years old, I had a huge crush on my male math teacher. He helped me through the hard topics of math by keeping me after class and assisting me with the various formulas required in the math process.

He was a single, tall, thin, muscular, and white man with blue eyes and black hair. Occasionally I missed my school bus and he took me home in his vehicle. I was so happy with my progress and math grades. On the way home one day, I reached over and kissed him on this right cheek before gathering my books and bag and leaving his vehicle. He put his truck into park and returned my kiss. He gently kissed my lips and then he inserted his tongue into my mouth and French kissed me. Also, he opened my blouse and began fondling with my huge boobs. He then placed his hand up my short mini skirt and felt me up. My panties were very wet and he asked me if I could have them. I removed them and handed them to him. At that time, he smelled my panties and then put them in his front pocket. From then on we started making plans on meeting on weekends for sex. I told him I was a virgin, was not on any birth control pills, and he needed to wear a condom. We had been having sex for a few months. He was a great lover and was never rough at all. On one Sunday afternoon at his place, we were having sex and I thought I saw him put on a condom. However, when he pulled out of me, he was not wearing a condom at all. I began to panic and cry thinking I might be pregnant. He hugged and kissed me and told me that everything would be alright. Well in a matter of a about two weeks I missed my first period. I than missed my second period a month later. It now had been six weeks since I had sex with him and he was not wearing a condom. I went to the local store and bought a home pregnancy kit. I took the pregnancy test and it came back that I was pregnant. I was openly and loudly crying and my mother came into my room to find out what was happening with me. I told her I had been having sex and I am now pregnant. She hugged and kissed me and said she would get a second opinion from the family doctor. A few days later, I saw the family doctor with my mother. The doctor noticed that my tummy was growing, had gained five pounds recently without trying, and my boobs and nipples were growing and were very sensitive to touch as well. He gave me another pregnancy test and he determined that I was definitely pregnant. He said I was seven week pregnant. So I began the prenatal care. Within 32 weeks, I gave birth to a healthy daughter. My parents loved me even though I had gotten pregnant outside of being married. I never told them who got me pregnant. To this date, they still do not know unless they read this story.
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Congratulations on your babies

so this must be how your now pregnant daughter got her start? Thanks for sharing with us all

Yes, it is Jennifer and she is now just turned 16. She is now 33 weeks pregnant with her first black baby of many to come.

That is awesome...especially like the black baby on the way.

So this is goal in your house hold.