Mr. Perfect

I'm at a young age, high school sophomore to be exact and I find myself to be attracted to a math/football/baseball coach. In my previous year many pointed him out to me as being 'hot' and I never really agreed, up until this year. The first day or second of 10th grade I finally took notice, as I walked the bridge to my Finance class I noticed a not so tall not so short handsome man; blue eyes, blonde hair, somewhat bulk, and stunning with facial hair... Mr. A. For the following days, weeks, months I've become more infatuated with him. I love listening to his deep voice, I even arrive a couple minutes before the bell rings to see him (since he has hall duty) and I am not comforted with it. I see him only once or twice a day (period 1-3) but that makes me more excited for the next day. We always make I contact as well, until I enter the class, even when I am in class before the bell rings. He is so perfect (physically) but I've heard he was humorous, outgoing, intelligent, sweet and just a pretty cool person to be around. For someone who I have never spoken to, only seen I can't help but think of him constantly. Honestly, I don't doubt he knows I am attracted to him, there are many who even tried getting with him. I wished he noticed me, atleast in athletics but he doesn't like lacrosse, soccer, nor polo.
Chavez13KC Chavez13KC
22-25, F
Nov 17, 2013