My Love For Science!

When I was in elementary school... I was six years old and having my first Science class. His name was Mr. Sartino! It was the first time that I saw a good looking white guy, that wasn't on tv! His skin was snowy white, he had blue eyes and a perfect smile, and he had short and dark hair, curly in the front. He was the cause of my first panic attack! Because I thought he wouldn't like me and was judging me in some way.

I broke out in tears and nearly threw up... sweating like crazy. He was kind and worried about me! He told the kids to open a window for me, thinking I was sweating because I was overheated. He touched me arm and asked me if I needed to go visit the nurse. I said in a daze and squeaky voice, "No." I thought I was going to faint! XD

And ever since then... I had a crush on him. I wasn't the only one... half the women teachers of the school did! And they were married! I use to give them glares, as they shamelessly flirted with Mr. Sartino, angry and thinking, "No fair! You women are married! You already have someone! Mr. Sartino is mine!" Of course, no one noticed the little girl who was folding her arms and sulky! =p

But he was the youngest and the most beautiful male teacher on the staff. We only had one other male teacher, Mr. Hawk, and he was older, bald, and married. Plus he was a tough guy too. Mr. Sartino was beautiful and sensitive! And single!

So, I became highly interested in science! I would do the best projects and get the top grades, only to get a smile from Mr. Sartino! But the funny thing was, I started to love science too, not just for the cute teacher... but for the subject itself. My last memory of him, is when we were both standing under the ledge of the building of the school, being shielded from the rain, as I waited for my "father" to come walk me home that day.

He took that time to teach me one last thing. Mr. Sartino asked me, "How come it's raining ahead of us, but not in this spot that we're standing?" I looked up and noticed the ledge about us, and pointed, "Because of that! The ledge." It was the right answer and he smiled at me. Suddenly, his ride had came and my "father" showed up. He smiled and said goodbye to me and hopped into his car. That's when my father started to call me a ****... :-/

Anyhoo, that was the last lesson from him. The next week, it was summer vacation and my next year was 4th grade. There was no science for the 4th grade... studies were more focused on math and reading in that grade. BUT... I did get to see him again, before I graduated to Junior Highschool (aka: Middle School). And that was when my 4th grade teacher needed someone to take a note to him! I never volunteered for school duties like this, my anxiety was too high usually. But my hand shot up to volunteer! My teacher was surprised and happily let me have the job!

I walked to Mr. Sartino's classroom, giggling! When I got there... I didn't think he would remember me. But he did! "Ah, my star pupil!" he greeted me, with a smile. I nearly melted! As I gave him the note and he wrote one back to my 4th grade teacher, I noticed the happy smiles of the younger students, ready for the next science project. I wished that I was younger... so I could stay there. But, as he gave me the note back and a package for my teacher, he said with a smile, "Take care, now."

I gave the rest of the students a nod, as if saying, "Have fun and enjoy your years with him." :-)

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Awww that was cute

Hahaha. Aww, what a cute story :)