My Female Teacher

In 9th grade I got a new Norwegian teacher. She was 25 and had just finished school. We were her first class. I didn't take long before all the other students started hating her. Everyone got worse grades than they had before, and once they started hating her, they talked more back when she told us to be quiet, which made her more angry, which made them hate her more. In the end EVERYONE in my class hated her.  

 Except me. I was the nice and quiet girl, so she never had any reason to dislike me. To me, it felt like she was always smiling. She had a nice smile. 

We also had her in arts, and in those classes we could talk while we worked. There weren't many students in that class, so usually we were all in the same conversation. Including her. We talked about favourite music, actors, movies etc. She liked many of the same as me, which none of the other students did. The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Amelié. She was like my soulmate.  

I couldn't focus in class, because all I could think about was her. I looked at her standing in front of the class teaching, but i couldn't hear anything. I just looked at her pretty hair, her deep beautiful blueish-green eyes, and her long eyelashes. I noticed how good her eyeshadow fit with her eyes. I looked at her mouth moving, still blocking out what she was saying. Her mouth looked so soft, and her skin was flawless. I looked at her hands. They also looked soft and her nails were the perfect length. I looked at her pretty clothes (I live in Norway and the teachers dress very casual) I noticed how her boobs looked i all her shirts. Always perfect. Not to big, and not to small. Whenever se would turn around, i would stare at her ***. Also perfect. When she turned back around my eyes would go back to her face. I was turned on everytime we had her.  

I spent so much time fantasizing about her. Me and her making out. Me and her in bed. Me and her in the shower. Touching me, and kissing me gently. Doing it rough. Sneeking around. In my dreams we could do anything, but no one could ever know.

It was like this every lesson, and i was always looking forward to her classes. Luckily i was pretty good in Norwegian (and arts), so when we had tests, or had to write essays it wasn't to hard to impress her. But when we were working with things during class I always asked for help, even though i didn't need it. When she would come over to my desk, I would feel my heart pounding in my chest, my body was getting tingly, and I was getting more and more wet.   

Of course nothing ever happened becase

a) She was 11 years older than me

b) She was my teacher

c) She was enganged

d) Her fiance was a man - I was a 14 year old girl

e) I could never tell her

After a year she moved away

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Reading this makes me feel like somebody understands what I'm going through. I am also a female having a crush on my female music teacher. She's absolutely gorgeous she is everything I find attractive in a women. I fantasise like this all the time and in my dreams once she kissed me. It makes me sad to know I'll never be able to be with her in that way, but I make the best of what lessons I have with her. I leave school this year :'(

i have a huge crush on the most perfect female teacher in exsistant!!! she has the most beautiful, amazing eyes ever, her lips look sooooo soft and luxuryous (sorry my spellings not very good) her *** is soooo fit, i knwo im on love with her, and i have told 5 people, and im always banging on about her, and when i see her in school or say hiya to her, my mates are forever giving me the 'raised eyebrows, looking out the courner of their eye' look, its funny but kinda awkward <3 . i need guidence cus i think that she knows but is straight, and i know that she is trying to avoid me, i dont really go looking for her, but if i see her im always saying hi, she is the most fittest person in the world, so beautiful, she has such a sexy body and a really sexy voice. the voice alone acttally turns me on, and when im around her, i get shaky and anxiuos, and if i see her across the play ground, i watch her to see where she goes. when she walks up the stairs in front of me, i try to descreatly check out her ***, bcause of the kids surrounding me at the time. her hair is amazing, and i am forever day dreaming about her, about us being together, kissing, or a drama like me telling her that i like her, or sommert like that, like her going and kissing me first in a course work catch-up, and i get so caught up in these drams that they could go on for hours, i love her, and im proud of it, because you cant help your feelings, andeven though it makes me feel empty and when ever im with her, i feel like there is sommert missing. she used to teach me when i was in yr8, but doesnt any more, which is dead bad, and i keep purposely getting deckys so i get to see her. i love her so much and even though the feelings ould hurt me, and are preasntly hurting me bad, i wouldnt give this feeling up for the world.

Reading all of these responses, my oh my I don't feel alone anymore. Yea, my french teacher was kind of in my interest but lately it has been my religion teacher. She is a pure goddess, and brilliant. This girl I cannot shake, she is always on my mind and well on my Facebook status under an alias. Only if these ladies loved us all back we would not be writing sad posts about a one sided love and more raunchy posts! Well that's all I have to say, and for Mel, she will always be my first true crush. :(

I know how you all feel. I have this crush on my nurse. I'm a female and so is she. I get so excited when I'm near her. I start to fantasize when I'm near her about us making love and kissing passionately. It's sad that I'm moving to Tennessee from Georgia in Mid May so i won't have her as a nurse anymore. But so we can have some alone time, I use my asthma. I fake sick with my asthma once a week so that when she uses her stethoscope to check my lungs he has to put her hand on my chest near my *****. Well she has to do it anyway before a have lacrosse practice at school everyday. I just feel so orgasmic and my heart starts to beat fast when her long smooth beauriful black hair gets on my face. And when her shiny brown eyes stare at me I hope she doesn't think I'm rude when look away. Too bad she is married with a kid so I can't tell her how I feel before I leave Georgia soon. But I guess it's weird that I love her sooo much since I have a boyfriend.

That sounds like a tough hardship! My lady is in Europe, and I am in America so I'm in your same boat!!

ditto, i got a cute bf and a crush on another boy, but im madly in love with a female teacher at my school.

OH MY god i can totally emphasise with you 100%. even though you are 14 you seen pretty mature an dyour english is good so i think your feelings are guienuine.

im in love with my teacher as well. there's three teachers i like and think i love. i know you cant be in love with all three but there's one which i want. she, i'd die for. but for all these teachers my emotions are different. however, one thing remains true: i want to make love to them so badly. feel and press their skin against mine, kiss them hard, passionate and full on the lips.
the first teacher, shes teaches french. she's got blonde hair, fully made up face and blue eyes. when she walks she walks with such authority, power that it would be an insult to not watch her go. she is absolutely stunning and i know if i ever got the opportunity to be with her (never) our love would be deep, dark almost like kate and sita in Sita. i want her but she's going out with some beer-belly science dude. god i love her more than he would. i wont be able to satisfy her fully but her warm body is enough for me.

the second teacher is my english tecaher. she's married i think and got 3 kids. she's got brunette hair and a stunning figure for a mother of 3. her hands i love. wierd but they have two veins which stick out, her jands looks aged but i find them beautiful. she looks really maternal if anyone can look like that.

and finally, my last crush is my history teacher. she's mixed race and super hot. her legs are really skinny though but around her i just want to touch her up. god i sound so perverted but thats human nature. lust and desire is worse than love.

with the first two teachers (french and eng) i think i love them.

just poured my heart out, please don't be brutal....

I've been madly in love with my Brass teacher for 3 years now. Everytime I see her my heart races and I get soaking wet downstairs ( lol)! I kinda think she likes me too- she said we can be good friends when I'm no longer her pupil. I keep fantasising about her kissing me and making slow, passionate love to me. I know how hard it is and how bad it feels :,( I just want her to be happy... With or without me xx

I'm also a girl and I have a crush on my French and science teachers. I like them both a lot and it makes me so sad to think that we could never be together :'(

Wow, same happened with me in Science lessons last year with this one special teacher. She was amazing. I was also a 14 year old girl like you were. I am really upset now thought as she doesn't teach us any more.

The same thing happened to me

I know this is silly, but have you tried Facebook?

Awesome... I had lots of teacher crushes... about more than ten.. okay so I started liking my female teachers at the age of 12 but what the hell, and every year there is always one.. I'm 18 now and well there still are remnants lingering...<br />
<br />
Problem is.. I told them, at least 98 percent of them. I told them I liked them, a lot... I even went as far as having one love me back (but married and all that stuff already so whatever)... our friendship/problems undergone 4 years, it's bittersweet... but telling these teachers? A big risk...<br />
<br />
I know I did. Consequences were a pain...

Hey :) great story... I've got this MASSIVE crush on my math/science teacher.... But I could never tell her.... She's 16 years older than me... :'(

I feel the same way for my history teacher

great story. i had a women teacher in philosphy class. boring class but she was very attractive and would wear a short skirt and no bra throug her white blouses. I didnt learn anything but had perfect<br />
i too would dream of us together and embracing nude.