My Male Teacher

I 've already written two stories about the crushes i've gotten on girls, including my female teacher. This is about one of my male teachers.


He was in his late 20s. I was in 9th-10th grade.

In the beginning of 10th grade, our class took a trip out of the country. We stayed at a "resort", and we lived in small apartments, with 4 students in each. The 3rd day I had a hard time waking up, so I told the rest of the girls to go to the breakfast. They left. We had a tight schedule, so I eventually had to get out of bed. I was really tired so I decided to take a shower to wake myself a little bit. After I finished the shower, I put on my underwear, and went out of the bathroom. As I opened the bathroom door, wearing only a bra and my panties, my teacher opened the front door, and looked straight at me. I froze, and stared right back. I could see his face turning red, while he studdered out an apologie, and left.

I could tell he felt awkward around me the rest of the week, because of the "accident". (It wasn't really an accident because I had heard him knock on the door, and say through the door that I had to come before our bus left. When I didn' answer he got worried, and went in. I had my ipod in my hand, and the earphones in my ears, and pretended that I hadn't heard him. I only wanted to see his reaction)

I pretended as if nothing had happened and eventually he did too.

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How bold and adventuresome!

lol ur awesome for doing tht