Mr. Hamilton

I went from one high school to another when the new one was built closer to my house, and we had a history teacher there named Mr. Hamilton.  The very first day of school when I met him, he had on a dark red football coach shirt with white stripes at the edges of the shoulders.  He had black hair and a goatee, and he had this streak of gray-white hair on the right side of his hair--he reminded me of a badger, and always has.  He was extremely buff, like body-builder buff, but he was real cool.  He seemed to be a hit with all the popular girls, the pretty ones, and of course the more talkative, intellectual ones, but since I was none of those, I only talked to when I had to, but I always had this little crush on him.  It made me nervous to talk to him, and if I had known then what I know NOW about things, I could've gotten into a heap of trouble.  I dunno--I always liked him.

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what do u know now?