Not Too Long After

The next year I was going to the high school and found myself in class with another handsome teacher. He was more flirty with other female students, but not in a boundary crossing way. He was just friendly. I suppose he wanted to be the cool teacher. lol. Which he was. I found myself starting to like him more and more each year. It was good that I even got to see him more after school.

To make a long and memorable experience short. I had a great time all through to my last year in school. It was very sad to say goodbye, but I could take away with me shy looks, close encounters, sly touches, and wonderful smiles with twinkling blue eyes. He was tall, but had the build from someone in the military. He was bald, but it suit him very well. His blue eyes were brilliant. He also had a great personality filled with humor and intelligence.

One story that I remember is getting ready for practice after school. I was on the drill team. No one was in  the class room so I was just going to change my shirt quickly. I had on a cami underneath, but just as I was lifting up my shirt he walked into the class for the back where his office was. I didn't know he was back there. lol. Regardless of the cami, I was still embarrassed by the idea of taking my shirt off and showing more skin. I  quickly pulled my shirt down and walked out of the class. But he called me back and said that I could changed in the closest where the text books were kept instead of walking all the way to the restroom.

Again, it seemed to be different for me, but maybe that was just from my perspective. Maybe he treated anyone else the same and looked at them the same. I tried observing, but it really didn't seem the same.

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oop i will try taking off my shirt after class nd see where it gets me with my crush lmfao lol rotfl wow ur face had to be red!

Yes, and it was mostly just innocent flirting as well. I admit that I maybe had a few hot thoughts going through my mind, and I'd think about him a lot. lol. As much as I were attracted to him I don't know if I could be brave enough to make that move. Perhaps that's why I just imagined making it...

sounds so sweet, it ended so innocent which is nice, im sure there were many erotic thoughts going thru ur minds........