7 Star Hotel In Dubai

 I was in Dubai loving every minute...

We decided to have dinner in the most expensive hotel in the world! It was great, of course!

Has anybody else been there?


What did you think?

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Well,<br />
<br />
I went to Dubai to take part in several business meetings... It was my 3rd time in Dubai, but this was the only time I had the chance to experience certain things because I was going for company related reasons.<br />
We had a beautiful Mercedes S500 and driver... All designer clothe... It was a big event...<br />
My boss and I had PASTA for dinner!!!!!!! It was great pasta (but it was still pasta), Creme Brule and a glass of Champaign for 2 people.<br />
The entrance (I'm sure you have seen pictures) is quite amazing... all the colors, the water, the design...<br />
The staff... very low key, actually! Everybody was friendly, not too pushy or anything...<br />
I have to say there are a lot of restaurants in Dubai where they charge similar amounts... believe me....<br />
<br />
I am going to Dubai next year... for another visit... I love Dubai!!! There's a lot of interesting things about Dubai....

Do hit me up when you\'re here next! :)

Tell us more!!!

This hotel is on my list of 'must do before I die'. <br />
I am curious to know what you had for your meal there? Did you find having that many staff on a bit intrusive? <br />
Share some details of your stay if you don't mind, I'd love to hear more about it!