Midday Walk

I went out after I got up at 10am. I had eaten a choclate pudding, toast, and cocao the previous evening. And I had not covered bith a blanket and got a bit cold during the night. The best indegredients for me getting diarrhea. So I put on trousers (but no underpants) and a shirt and went out. As I opened the door, a policecar drove past our block. I went towards our garden drank water and went on. As I reached the wood I had pooped in before the same police car drove past me again. But that was strange, as the policecar had to drive 6km to the morth and then 3 to the east to get where I was walking. Any w a y... As they had past, the park/wood caretaker drove out of this wood and talked to someone on the phone. So I knew that I couldn't use that "stall" again. So I went some metres on and went into this other wood. I went to a place where no one could see me and pulled down the pants. I try to sit on a branch but it seemed to weak, so I crouched down and just sat beside the branch. I pressed and small wet staines flowed out off my butt. I watched these shitrivers ascthey built one small "gathering". It turned me on. Then I peed and the pee shot through the bush onto the field beside the wood. The I heard something crack in a tree above me. I looked up but there was (gladl) no one there. But just in case I thought: Let's do a show. I again crouched down and pressed a last bit out. Then I took my tissues out of my trouser pocket and began to whipe realllll sloww. I only used two as I am skilled at using tissues to the max. I managed to paint every of them brown.

Then I went like I was, nearly out of the bush, towards the field. Just before exiting I did a huge loud fart, (which I more lost then reall want to do). Then I peed the last drips and put on the trousers. I went alongside the bush and the trees on the field, while I still let my ***** hang out. It slowly descended. Then I took a longer way home in case someone followed me . [I know my city so well that it is impossible to stalk or catch me there].
Then my poopy walk ended.
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Aug 21, 2012