After School Splash

Last week on Friday I did not cover up during the night and so I got diarrhea. But in the morning I had to rush to school and had no time to ****. In the first lesson we were just 3 pupils and so it got really cold in the room. Also this did not help. I had to hold on really strongly.
In the second, third, and fourth lesson it was OK. But in the 5th lesson I had to go to the 3rd storey from the basement of the school and so it again got difficult to hold the poop in, but I managed to hold it in. Then I had one hour time to walk round. I ran to a local park and hid behind a tree near the street and pulled the trousers down and a load of wet poop shot out of my butt. I peed, and a┬┤two bigger drips hit my underpants. So I quickly took the underpants off and put them in my schoolbag.
Then I wiped and went back to school to have some underpansless lessons.
(Don't ask me how I would have managed that if I would have had sport)!

Nice... eh?
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Sep 9, 2012