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Dirty Anal Sex Experience

When I was 23 I had boyfriend for couple of years. We usually cleaned up before anal sex (we never used condom) but naturally sometimes it wasn't clean enough or he penetrated really deep, so the penis came out with brown smear on its tip more than once. Neither of us cared, though we didn't like it or tried to have dirty sex on purpose.. we just accepted this as natural thing.

My first really dirty sex was some years later, with good sex mate. We met for sex about once a month, and one night he came over and asked me to **** him - usually he was top so I was surprised but agreed. I lied down on bed on my back and he sat down on my ready penis... while ******* him I didn't feel anything unusual and soon I came deep inside him. When taking my penis out, all my ***** came out along with pretty much poop, mostly liquid. Turned out he didn't clean at all and had to poop for couple of hours before coming to my place! Back then I wasn't into poop so it wasn't very pleasant, but we just laughed it out and kept meeting as usual afterwards.

Since then I had few more times when I didn't clean well (not on purpose) and the top got out dirty, but that's about all my experience.
wildboy2011 wildboy2011 31-35, M 5 Responses Oct 31, 2011

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My partner and I always have dirty sex, one time when he pulled it out, I pooped all over him.

Was it after or before he came?


Did you poop on him deliberately, and did you *** over him while doing it?

No I didn't poop on him deliberately , I came about the same time.

yeah, if you have poop and being ****** deep enough, the poop will come out almost on its own. What did you do when it happened? straight to shower?

Showered right after.

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In the 1960s, as a young man age 25 I was introduced to gay anal sex by my room-mate and he put it up me every night for the following two years in the double bed we shared. He never wore a condom and I never cleaned out, hardly anyone did in those days. I don't recall any mess though, perhaps as a healthy young man I was always clean up there.

Sounds like fun... wish I had such a room mate!

Didn't like it at first, it hurt and I felt guilty doing it, but in time I got over that and even looked forward to my nightly screwing.

love seeding a shity *** n getting the guy to clean my. ****. afterwards with a goog suck n sharing the results in a kiss

I had a bud who would give me a deep cleaning enema before *******. It's both dirty and clean since he watched me release the *** water and ****** me full of *** after. Best of both worlds. Lol.

Sounds really hot.. where did you release it? In his toilet?

Yep in the toilet until it ran clear... Then on him.

I used to say, "If you're gonna stick your **** up my butt, your **** is gonna get dirty! Stick a finger up there and if it's too dirty for you, sorry..."