Dirty Anal, So Yummy.

Well, if anyone reading knows the other groups I am a member of, and my storeys in some of those groups, its fairly obvious I rather like the 'brown stuff'. Also, I'm a gay sissy/blutty and submissive bottom, and like my anal sex hard and rough, towards the vilent end of things; I adore the bruising around my boy-****, after sex, and its lingering on, reminding me of the ****.

Anyhow, something I've started doing over several years, is when I've gotten a bit used to a guy who's ******* me, I'll gradually clean myself less, beforehand; so his **** gets covered in my **** whilst he's ******* me.
Some guys obviously like to *** in my boy-****, which is fine, I love that feeling, and of th the *** leaking out afterwards, but often there have been a few guys, who prefer to finish off ******* me, by switching from my anus to my mouth, which is fabulus for me;

This would have been a while before Christmas now, a guy I'd met off of Gaydar, and been ****** by a few times; I'd graduated him up, so I hadn't cleaned that* well the few times before he'd ****** me, and this time, I ensured I'd not cleaned at all that morning, after having a ****; just whiped a bit of the obvious stuff off, that would otehrwise be visable to him.
He turned up at the door, and I'm horney as useual, and I tell him I've alrea lubed myself, and I'm hungry for his ****, we make it up to the bedroom, kissing and touching each other en-route, and we start stripping off, me down to my girly underwear, and then that is off too.
I move to him, and start off by taking his already half-hard **** into my mouth, drawing it to full attention, before I turn round, and guide his **** towards my desperately horney hole.
He's pushing it towards too, and I guide it in; I lied about lubing, only **** in my hole to help him glide inside...
ONce he's fully IN, I bend over, my hands resting down onto the bed, and he takes over, ******* me hard, slapping my *** and groping my ****, as he pentirates deeply into me.
After quite a long while, of *******, he asks weather I want him to *** inside my '****', or if I want it in my mouth...

It doesn't take me long to reply 'in my mouth', and I move forward, letting his **** out of my now well-****** hole, and turn round; I take his ****; its absolutely covered in ****, not just little steaks of **** on it, but some lumps too, especially round his swollen **** head...
I try to take it into my mouth quickly, hoping he woujldn't notice how ****** my **** had made his ****; but he did notice and comments, and almost pulled away, but I get his **** into my mouth and start sucking and licking off all my poop, and I start getting the feeling he's quite liking the fact I'm taking his **** whilst its covered in ****, and so before long, just as I've finished savouring and licking off all the ****, I feel his **** get even harder, and I lick madly round and over his ****-head, and then he explodes into my mouth, sending lots of hot *** over my tongue and deep inside me... Not had a chance to catch up with him since Christmas, but afterwards, he didn't really comment on how ****** his **** was after ******* me, so I don't think he minded too much... He may even like it, but just be a bit cautious of saying so...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Jan 12, 2013