Dirty Anal Experience

Just the other morning my wife indicated that she needed to use the bathroom and had the urge to ****. I asked her if she would let me **** her in the *** and she eagerly agreed. She has a pair of panties with a hole in the *** just big enough for my **** to enter just for these occassions.

We got into bed and I stuck my **** thru the opening and entered her rectum. I could tell right away she had a load of **** there as I was immediately bumping into something hard. I ****** her aggresively and she couldn't stand it. She told me she just had to "go". I held her close to me in the spoon position and let her push my **** out. My **** popped out and stayed in the panties as she pushed more and a good sized turd came out and rested on tiop of my **** but still in her panties. I then pushed my **** back inside as her anus is especially sensitive after ********. ****** her some more and then let her push me out reach back and jerk me off so my *** intermingled with her ****.

Great experience for both of us and not too messy
curiousbathhouse curiousbathhouse
56-60, M
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

you sir are a very lucky man.. enjoy!

Thank you. Glad you liked the story. Hope you can have the same experience !!!