Bumping Into Something

One morning before we were married I woke up in the "spoon" position with my wife to be. My ***** was hard and I decided that anal sex would be the best option since we were already in position. As soon as I entered her I noticed right away that it felt different. I was definitely bumping into something hard. I liked the feeling and it was driving her absolutely crazy. She liked anal but this time it was extra intense. With what was going on, it didn't take long before I shot my load. I slowly pulled out and she jumped out of bed and immediately went into the bathroom. She was in there a while so I had a good idea that she was taking a ****. When she got back to bed, she asked if I got a little dirty. I pulled the sheets down and sure enough there was a little bit of **** on my *****. She went back in the bathroom and came out with a warm soapy face cloth and cleaned me off real good. Got me clean enough that a little later she gave me a good *******. She did admit that having to **** while being ****** in the *** definitely intensified the experience.
curiousbathhouse curiousbathhouse
56-60, M
Jan 22, 2013