Lost My Baby At 6 Months Because Of Eclampsia

I am 22 and I was pregnant with my first baby last September 2009. I was so excited and so was my husband. I never felt alone after I got pregnant. Everytime i was at home by myself, I would talk to my baby who the doctors told me was very healthy.

I dreamt of my baby all the time. And all the things i was going to do to her once she was born. How i was going to feed her and carry her and play with her little fingers...

Then on a cold winter night(It just had to be winter!!) after a normal day, (classes in the morning and watch movies at home till my husband comes from work),
I was getting ready to sleep when i had the most painful headache on the left side of my head that just wouldn't go away . so i just rubbed some ointment on my head and went back to sleep.
I remember having disturbed sleep, one hand was my unbearable headache and on the other hand it was so cold, i couldn't bear it even with the heater. I started shivering. and somewhere along there my memory just stops.

The next time I woke up i was on a hospital bed with IV lines in my hand and my husband in my face. I remember asking for my baby. My husband told me they had kept her in an incubator since i was way before my time. This answer vaguely satisfied me.So i went back to sleep. The next few days were like this, with me waking and sleeping.
And finally a few days later i was feeling more like myself although i was still in the hospital. They had to move me to another hospital for my lungs. Apparently I had gotten pneumonia also with eclampsia.
Bythen i was alive, But i lost my baby. I only have scans of her. I have no memory of my husband dressing me and carrying me to the hospital in the middle of the night, no memory of waiting at the maternity ward for the night doctors to figure out why my blood pressure was so high or what was happening to me, no memory of my baby's last few heartbeats, no memory of my husband's distress when they told him i could die and he had to sign papers, no memory of my cesarean operation where apparently i had tried to walk out of , and no memory of the doctor telling me I had lost my baby girl.
Which was good i guess because i dont thinki would have been able to make it through had i known all of that, Days later when my husband and my friends told me what happened. I cried, It hurt. But there was nothing that i could do to change any of it.

Ofcourse, Months later , Im fine with God's grace. But my loss has not stop hurting. Its a constant pain i try to deal with. I hope my story will help other women. I never knew about eclampsia till i had it. I do not wish this terrible thing on any other woman.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I sincerely sympathize with you and your husband at the loss of your baby. I, too, had eclampsia at 7 months with my twin girls. And even though my girls lived and are healthy, I still feel as if a part of me died that day when I went into siezures in my bathroom. It is traumitizing to think that this condition gets overlooked so often. I was in a coma and on life support for three days and I was in a haze for another three. I woke up to find I went into heart failure and like you, I also had pneumonia. My heart weakened so much, that I can no longer have more children safely.<br />
<br />
I think about the day every day... I think about what my husband went through, what my family and friends went through, and all because I was uninformed about the symptoms of eclampsia. But I had to learn, I couldn't blame myself for what happened. I didn't do anything wrong. It can happen to perfectly healthy people. But it is nice to talk to others who went through it. God Bless You and stay strong.