E-clampsia And C-section; I Went On To Vbac With My 2nd Child. Have Hope!

This is the first time I have shared my story online and I hope to bring encouragement to those of you who have endured the frightening experience of e-clampsia. 

I was carrying my first child and went into labor on my due date.  I was so excited to meet my son and thrilled to experience the miracle of childbirth.  Everything was going quite well until after 1.5 hours of pushing my OB told me that I needed a c-section because my baby was too big to deliver and he was showing signs of distress.  I was completely devestated about not being able to push my son out.  My precious angel was born weighing 8 lbs 2 oz (not a typical pre-eclampsia baby) and we were back in our post pardum room when the problems began.  I got the worst headache of my life; in fact it was the most pain I have ever endured in my life.  This all occured while I was still highly drugged from my c-section and given IV narcotics to calm my trembling from the surgery.  I remember practically thrashing in my bed from the pain and then the nurse gave me enough morphine and I experienced relief.  Because I was not doing well, they recommended that my son go to the nursery and I consented; though this made me feel like a bad parent.  I awoke about 4 or 5 hours later to a machine alarming and my arms ******* back towards my head.  My husband called out to me, but all I could do was moan at him.  The last thing I remember is the room going black, my whole body starting to shake, and the realization that I was having a seizure.  The grand mal seizure was followed by HELLP syndrome and 5 days on magnesium sulfate.  My memories of my son's earliest moments are blurry.  When we got home from the hospital I suffered from anxiety attacks.  After enduring eclampsia I wasn't sure that I ever wanted to have another child.  After a few years my heart changed and grew and we got pregnant with our second.  I was determined that my experience would be different and pushed for a vaginal delivery.  My OB told me that I had about a 10-15% chance of successfully delivering a child because my first child had been too large, but supported my decision and allowed me to attempt a VBAC I was watched and eventually induced because my blood work showed the potential reoccurance of eclampsia.

I pushed my 2nd child out on my own and managed to get through my second pregnancy with out any complications from pre-eclampsia.  I want you to know that I defied the odds.  Not only did I face a reoccurance of eclampsia, I was basically told that I had a minimal chance of delivering vaginally.  I searched for stories of a VBAC after eclampsia and found none and so I hope that if you are in the same situation I was in (wanting a VBAC while facing a high risk pregnancy), have hope and pray.  I prayed that God would bring this child into the world in a way that would protect both of us and He did!  Praise God, we did it! 

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So did you have signs of pre-e with your second before being induced? I also had eclampsia with my son but it was before he was born so my emergency Csect was right after my seizure. I'm now almost 20 weeks hoping to VBAC but I was told and all the research I have done says that VBAC isn't safe if I show signs of pre-e.