Bad People

My sister has a 13 year old daughter and a single mother and lives with my mum.  She has not worked for 10 years as she has no permit yet to work.  She's very lazy, always depend on other people like me and expect everything to be done for her.  She does not get on with the the rest of the family because of her attitude expect everyone to bend over backwards because we love my niece (her daughter) she uses her daughter to get to us.  She is a kind of person who is very negative and I can sense her negativity --- every time I come to see her I do not want to stay very long unless we are accompany by other guest.  She lived with my mum for a long time now and they are not getting along very well, well my mum is the same anyway, they are as bad as each other.  I have had enough of their negativity, fighting, bitterness and back-stubbing attitude.

So, last night, my sister called me and asking if she can borrow money for her daughter's trip and my reply was I have no money I was really stretch this month.  She's always doing this the last minute because she expect things to be done for her.  She's just a cow.  

I have also had enough of my mum complaining about my sister and keeps unloading all her problems to me but when it comes to my problem she doesn't care and listens.  My mum only nice to me because I have money and she never pays me back all the money she owes me.  *****, huh?

Cinderella73 Cinderella73
36-40, F
Mar 16, 2010