My Mamason

While I was stationed in Viet Nam our unit provided us with mamasons to clean our rooms and do our dirty laundry.   We had partitions between our beds with a doorway, but no door.  Most of us hung plastic ***** curtains to provide us with as much privacy as we could get.   I  was lounging around in my cubicle one day when my mamason, Mai came into my room to clean.  All I was wearing was a pair of shorts.  She began rattling off something in Vietnamese to the other mamasons.  They all gathered around the doorway and looked in at me.  They began laughing and chattering and pointing at me.  I had no clue what was going on.  I asked Mai what this was all about.  She tried, in her limited ability to speak good English, to explain that she thinks I am sexy with all  the chest hair and big chest and shoulders.  I plied her more to try to get a better understanding.  It turned out that she basically was turned on by seeing my bare chest, chest hair and the large chest and shoulders I had.  I'm really not more than an average guy who has never worked out a day in his life.  The thing was the Vietnamese men are practically hairless and are of a much smaller frame.  The other mamasons had despersed back to the tasks they were doing before this all started, as Mai and I were discussing how she felt seeing me this way.  Soon she came over and sat down on the side of the bed next to me and touched my chest and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest.  She leaned over me and placed her nose to the side of my nose and simultaniously she sniffef very strongly and rubbed her nose in an upward direction along the side of my nose.  I asked her what that was about.  She explained that was how the Vietnamese kissed.  I asked her if I could kiss her the way us americans kiss.  She agreed.  I gave a regular kiss then followed it with a french kiss.  She gasped and melted on my chest.  The french kiss was something she had never experienced before and it caused such a rush in her that she became so turned on she turned all rubbery inside.  She asked me if I would like to **** her.  That was one English term she knew well.  I said that I would like to very much.  She pulled down her pants and squatted over me as I opened my shorts and released a ***** that would not quit.  She rode me hard and fast and soon she, jabboring in her language, again brought our sexual experience to the attention of the others.  Soon the rest of the mamasons were all standing there watching us screw.  When I came she came too.  When she got off of me all the other mamasons were exclaiming something loudly and gasping and pointing at my ****.  I am a little more than the average size, but the Vietnamese are generally smaller.  Apparently this intrigued them very much also.  Mai said she had never felt anything so hard and so big in her before.  They all laughed.  I got up to go clean myself off and Mai just pulled up her pants and went back to work as though nothing ever happed.  I made it an effort to be in my room as often as I could while the mamasons were there cleaning.  Every day I managed to be there Mai would come into my room, undress and slide in bed next to me and we would have some terrific sex.  Many times one or more of the other mamasons would stop and watch.  I even had a few offers from some of them and I took them up on it too.  I had never had sex in front of other people before, especially a group of women of all ages.  I found it to be a bit stimulating.

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Sharing intimacy in front of a group is never a dull moment...quite the opposite, as your story will prove agreement. Very enjoyable tale you share:)