My Feelings For My Priest

When my parish pries came about 5 years ago, he was inspirational and obviously very holy. He even prayed in tongues. I was attracted to him right away because of his holiness and he brought me back to the church after 20 years away. He was also handsome and around my age. When we talked, he was compassionate and understanding. You just wanted to be around him. I definitely had strong feelings for him but I am married.

Recently, he was helping a woman who claimed to be possessed and he fell away from his parish and his friends. He made new friends and asked everyone for money to support his new mission. We all sent him money.

Then we found out he left the priesthood and married that woman. We all feel betrayed because we supported him and he took advantage of it. But I have to admin that I still have feelings for him
clarel clarel
Aug 3, 2010