I Got Raped By Multiple Men At Once!

I was in a bar dressed in my sexiest mini with a sheer blouse that showed my bra. Wearing 5" heels and fishnet hose, I was flirting with everyone that I met. As the night wore on, several guys had bought me drinks and danced with me. As the bar was closing, I feeling no pain, and really horney, two guys that I had danced with offered to take me home. Not being able to drive myself, I accepted and left with them. I sat in the middle of the front seat, with my hands on each of their thighs. As we drove, I realized that they were not going to my home. When I asked where we were going, they said that they had a suprise stop to make. As they pulled into the cut rate motel, I started to become a little worried about these two. The driver went into the office and got a room while his companion started to rub my thighs and breasts. We then got out of the car and went into the room. The driver seemed to be in charge and told me that since I was acting like such a ***** in the bar, they thought I sould be treated like one. This scared me as I was defenseless to them. They then started to kiss and fondle me, With their hands all over my body they grabbed my hands and put them on each of their groins. They told me that little ****** like me deserved to be treated like this. I was scared to death that something could happen to me and that the best that thing that I could do was to comply and satisfy them. About that time the door opened and in walked three more guys. Now I was in the center of these men being pulled back and forth between them. The ordered me to get on my knees, calling me a *********** ***** and worse. As I did, they each were dropping their pants to expose themselves to me. They took turns shoving their ***** into my mouth. I found myself with two in my mouth and two in my hands. As I stroked and sucked they rotated so I could suck on all five *****. They then picked me up and threw me on the bed. They shoved my skirt up and tore off my panties. As  they did, I could feel fingers on my bum and inside of me. Two straddled my face and shove their ***** in my mouth and down  my throat. Another had my legs over his shoulders and without any lube, shoved his **** deep into me, I screamed but they shoved their ***** deeper in my mouth to quiet me. I could feel the tears run down my face as they each took turns screwing me and making me suck them. They continued to rotate themselves, over and over until one be one they exploded into my bum. As they did, I cried and sobbed. They continued to verbally abuse me, and started to slap my face and my rear. They then turned me over so my *** was in the air, They continued to screw me over and over again. As they switched positions, I could taste myself on their *****. This seemed to go on forever, me getting raped over  and over again. Then suddenly, they stopped, pulled on their clothes and left. As I lie on the bed, I could not help but wonder just what had happened. My rear was leaking ***** on the bed, I could taste the same ***** in my mouth and down my throat. I went to the bathroom and washed up, rearranged my makeup and called for a cab.That night  I learned that girls like us sould only go to familiar bars, and not to go alone.

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2 Responses Mar 30, 2010

I've also been raped by give guys, only have of of them were men I knew...I was too drunk to remember anything and didn't find out that it had been all five of them until videos circulated as I was still in high school at the time and technology was starting to get big. I really feel this and feel for you. I hurt so bad for you to have to live with the horrid memory of this.

WOW! Imagine all the horny guys you defused that night! ******* your *** then down the throat...LOL It's all about pleasure. They must have enjoyed that....I have never ****** someone in the *** then had them blow me. I could only do that with a girl anyway...no guy's ***** allowed!!