Me, My Life Vs. My Left Foot

About 5 years ago I broke my left foot. It never healed right and dr after dr..year after year it got worse. doesnt help that i manage restaurants and work 60-70hours on my feet!
I thought i was FINALY gonna get relief this last september when i had my 2nd metatarsal fused and cartilage work done in my ankle. I WAS SO WRONG
Its 6 months post op and its been all downhill. Everyday it gets worse. My fusion didnt take and one screw is broken. Was supposed to have another surgery today but due to insurance issues it is post poned till who knows. My life as i know it feels over. I can barely walk at all. I had to quit work and no sign of relief it appears.......
ashpen30 ashpen30
31-35, F
May 15, 2012