The Itch-iker

Hey! I tell it now i'm a french frog so sorry for the mistakes! And by the way how do we write "itch-iking"?
So I start! It was a normal monday, not very sunny, in Montreal. I had to b back to quebec city on 4 pm for school. I got to 20th highway and started hitch-ikin'. Waited something like 5 minutes when a big fat 45 feet long truck stopped and took me. The guy was going all the way pass Quebec city and was willing to drop me there. So i accepted to pass those 2 and a half hours to talk with im. Somehow the conversation turned on drugs and sexuality and he told me he was gay, ...and asked me if he could make me a *******. I told him that it was very surprising and that homosexual encounters didnt really turn me on. He tryed to convince me, and it worked. Have to say that im not gay but i love to try new things an maybe i had some questions in my head that would like to be answered! So we stopped in a truck-stop, really usefull the bed in the back of the truck! And he started to ..turn me on with is hands, asking me to close my eyes and anjoy. ..What i did, and i had the best ******* i ever had in my whole life!!!
After he was done, we just continued the conversation all the way to Quebec city and i was on time for school!
silvertramp silvertramp
22-25, M
Aug 12, 2010