Last Night

The past couple of days have been quite trying. Between sick kids and the moron of an X I’ve just felt the pressure and lack of sleep isn’t helping. Last night I decided to just jump and it was so worth it. Not a major jump, really silly actually, but it helped. My teen picked me up from class as she had the car and little ones for most of the day. The babies were with moron and I was supposed to be in class until 10 but after speaking to the professor I wasn’t going to miss anything so decided to bolt at about 8:40.


First thing out of her mouth (as usual) was “I want food”. I thought about it for a moment and remembered that I’d received $40 in gift cards from a restaurant locally. The service and food had been bad to the point that I wrote a letter and this was my apology from them. At first we planned on take-out but at the last minute I said “what the heck” and we took a seat. With $40 we decided we could go pretty far and enjoy ourselves so she ordered a full slab of ribs and I got a huge Rib-eye, most of which is with me for lunch today. We laughed and goofed and just became our old selves. Halfway through dinner she begged me for a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri and I gave in… of course I ordered myself a nice Long Island too (she was driving).


Each time the server came over she’d shake her head and laugh and at the end she told us that we were an awesome team. I guess I left that part out huh. You see, when she and I are together we are one. We finish one another’s questions and joke and just get along like the best of friends. It’s a very cool feeling and reminds me of the old days when it was just she and I against the world.


Regardless it was a great night and our server enjoyed our company so all went well. J


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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Yeah. My daughter and I are like that too. Now she's 25, married and has a kid - back in college too --- so those times are few and far between. You just inspired me to call her up and make a date for some mother/daughter fun. Thanks!

Isn't it great when you and your daughter can get away just the two of you and just let it all hang out. I've done that a couple of times with my oldest and it has felt so good. We have done what we wanted, said what we wanted and spent a little too much, lol. But we had a heck of a time doing it. Laughing and giggling like little girls. Yes, like you we have had fun....well more like a blast. It is definately needed on occasion.