I'm 23 And Want Gastric Bypass But Scared.

I'm 23 and weigh 340 lbs. I want the Gastric Bypass but I'm so scared :(. I keep thinking what if something goes wrong and I don't make it? Yeah I'm a big girl but I can move around pretty good for someone my size. I never really tried to diet before so not sure if I could lose weight that way. I need opinions. Should I try to diet to lose the weight and exercise or consider the Gastric Bypass? I am still young I realize and it may be easier to lose the weight. Am I trying to take the easy way out to soon?
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Regardless of whether you decide to have the surgery or not you will need to loose weight either way and do a life style change or it will have been a complete waste of time. At 340 pounds you are not a healthy person. You are 23 and should have far less serious things on your mind. I had gastric bypass a year and a half ago, I've lost 100 pounds. It was by far the best thing I've ever done for myself. I think you should go see your Dr or a bariatric Dr, start making better eating choices and exercising. Take everything a day at a time, but if you value your life you do need to make a change! Best of luck!!

I am almost 28 and I weigh 312 pounds. I am almost finished with my pre op testing for the Gastric Bypass. I made to the choice to get this done for me and for no one else. I have tried many times to lose weight. They all failed. I found out I have some medical issues and that I couldnt lose the weight on my own. My mother also has diabetes and other health issues. I have a 2 year old daughter and I want to do this to be there for her. I am having severe joint pain and I cant do things with her that I want to do. It was a tough choice to make. Just remember if its in your will, and you can do it on your own, do it. Having this surgery is not the easy way out. It may seem that way, but its not. Good luck and make sure you have people to support you whatever decision you make.

I know your scared. I was scared in the beginning but my mother has a lot of health issues that I was predisposed to like diabetes and heart disease. If this is something you really want you need to have a lot of positive people behind you to support you. I can help you in any way if you need it. The surgery isn't the easy way out...it is a life decision. Have you been to a seminar for the surgery? You can learn a lot from it. That was my first step.<br />
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To be honest, there is no "easy way out" My advice to you is you are still young, and before you do anything as drastic as gastric bypass, go see a nutritionist and your family doctor and try to lose the weight by changing your eating habits and exercise first. You will be so much better off in the long run. I am 44 and just had the surgery 2 weeks ago. I wish I had been able to lose it with eating changes and exercise. I have been on diet after diet for the past 30 years and I would lose some weight, but always gain more back. I never found anything that clicked for me. Even though I have had the surgery, it isn't easy. You still have to follow a strict diet for the first couple of months, but the consequesces of not following it would be to not heal correctly on the inside or to get sick from not following it. Before surgery, the consequences would be that you didn't lose weight or that you gained weight. I feel that this was the best decision for me after struggling with my weight for over 30 years. My parents had me dieting since I was a child. You have to do a lot of research and make the decision that is right for you. Nobody can give you that answer. I will tell you this though. It has to be a decision you are ready for mentally as well as physically. This is a big decision to make and it has to be an individual one. Whatever your decision, I wish you the best.