Gastric Done March 6,2012

Day of my surgery I was 216, today December 4,2012 I am 126, I have some struggles with food still so I keep it on the light side so liquids and soft foods a lot still. The over all experience for my self has been a life changer. July of 2011 I had breast reduction that was the start of a personal journey for my self and my family this has shown me we as people Don't need a lot to live off if for food but as long as we eat right we all can make it on very small meals. I do still have dizziness when I stand right away and finding out this is really common. Just have to make sure I'm taking my protein drinks, multi vitamins, extra iron and getting my b-12 shot. I still don't feel full all the time so I really limit everything to Not over stretch my pouch. I keep fat, carbs and sugars super low. But having trouble with chicken if I don't eat it for 4 days and go back to it , my stomach isn't to happy. I've gone from size 20 to size 10 or 9 depending on the make of clothes, I love the new me. And with the radical change in diet my 2 daughters have benefit from it also.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

can i ask you i had the gastric bypass in april this year iv been losing any ware between 2 to 4 pond a week but in the last 3 week iv only lost 1 a week . did you have the seam thing at times . do you think am doing any think wrong