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I had gastric bypass March 9 2009. I am very interested in talking with anyone who has had this surgery and managed to do it healthy. There is nothing I want other than my families health than to be healthy and live a great, healthy, active life. I have 3 girls. I have been a great mom but I know now I can feel I am a great mom by showing them how important it is to take care of yourself.

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It also has this anti-craving stuff to help fight food cravings... really a big help on my weight loss journey.

I have been taking the rocalabs formula for 4 months now and have lost a total of 37.5lbs. This is the easiest weight loss program I have had, tried everything but didn't work. I love the fact that there are no diet restrictions and I can eat whatever my family is having for their meal. The only difference is that I am eating half of what I used to.

its great to hear all your positive stories,ive been waiting for a yr and half now and will very soon be goin on the waitling list,so hopefully shoud be having mine around oct nov time this year,can any one give me any advice please,be great to hear from anyone,thanx,xx

Hi I had the bypass in nov 06 it has worked very well, I have very few problems I went from 24.5 stone to 15 stone in about 18 months I will say be very careful you don't eat to larger portions as you can stretch your stomach and tend to eat more, I have to be careful because I can eat a fairly large meal now i attend slimming world classes to help me keep on the straight and narrow. one real plus from the op is that my type 2 diabetes was cured overnight, I have now been assured by my GP that iam no longer diabetic good luck to you all that had and are going to have the op.<br />
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My gastric bypass is scheduled for this Tuesday (21st December). I am very worried and anxious. I have been struggling with weight since I was 12 years. I would love to hear all your experienced opinions.

I am having gastric bypass in about four weeks. I would love to talk to someone who has had it. I would like to know the ups and downs. I have researched the surgery alot. But it would be nice to talk to people who have actually done it. Thank you so much.

@bestchoice: are you able to keep the weight off..........I am soon to have the surgery, just wondering since you are 6 years out?? thanks

I had gastric bypass last week (8/31). I had minimal pain, and was out of bed and in the bathroom 4 hours after surgery. I had to drink clear liquid 3 days prior, yet was surprised I had gained 2 pounds upon my return home from the hospital. Today is Labor day, and tomorrow is the 1 week aniversary of my surgery. I think I have lost like 12 pounds. Can't wait to drive again, and eat something a bit more solid, although hunger has not really been a problem.

I had the gastric bypass 3 weeks ago and would like to talk with someone who has had it longer than I have as it does not feel so great right now.


Hi! I had the surgery on feb 09. I won't lie, first month was hell! the day after the surgery the pain was really bad, but with painkillers it was completely manageable. I lost over 150 lbs so far and I agree with bestchoice on the clothing advice, you'll go through them so quickly that you'll feel you've barely worn them! For me it was a great choice, but besides the physical changes you need to be ready psichologically because you will gr through a lot, like looking in the mirror and not knowing who the person staring back is or people not knowing you if they haven't seen you in a while. If you want to chat, I'm here!

thanks for the info people, i am having it done this december but a bit worried now.

I had the surgery back in Jan 2004 and wouldnt change a thing! I am a male and went from 346lbs to 225 in 9 months. All of my medical conditions are gone. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asama, back problems, acid reflux and getting close to having sugar problems. I have kept the weight off. I dont crave sweets like I use to. I have found a new way of eating sweets when I might crave them. At Walmart they sell SUgar free itiems. Do not try any sugar free candy as it has high sugar alcohol count and will cause a dumping problem.At McDoanlds ,Subway,Wendys they have LEMONADE LIGHT which has no suger in it. You can also buy it in the supermarkets. Stay away from fried foods and pastas.I eat very little red meat now as it dosent diegest as easy. I you feel you want a sandwhich ,toast the bread as it will be easiser to digest. No Sodas. I use to be a diet pepsi junkie ,now cant stand the taste. Yes when you are on the liquis diet it seems like you dont loose weight at first. But watch out you will start seeing the weight drop around your 3-4 months after your operation. Another thing is clothes. You will drop sizes quickly around your 6 months to 9 months. dont go buying a lot of clsoe as soon as you drop sizes. i bought a little bit at a time. You will experince something new and that is buying regular clothes ina regular store. I saved money from my income tax and put it away so when I got my weight down I would have money and could buy everything then. I went froma 46/48 waist to a 36.A shirt size of 4x to xl. They have new products at GNC store in whey flavor called banana cream ,.Its a protein drink. Protein will help you loose weight faster. As far as breakfeast bars there are none out there that I liked except for one and its by Atkins that I got at Walmart and its Chocolate ,They have some in Atkins but watch the sugar count. You dont want any with sugar counts above 8. Most of them leave a nasty taste in your mouth. A lot of them are packed in high sugar counts for body builders. Also when you start ona regular meal . try drinking about 20 minutes before you sit down to eat. Then wait 10-20 minutes after eating to drink.I know it sounds hard but once you get use to it you will notice your food will digest better. This is a trick the doctor told me and it works. Also you can have No Sugar Added Ice Cream. Eddies and Blu Bunny make the best if you can have it as some people after surgery cant have milk products. It didnt effect me. Good Luck and you will be alright .

I had laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery August 11, 2009 and doing fine. The hardest part was the liquid diet in the first 2-3 weeks. The weight loss is not as fast as I thought it would be but I guess it's safer this way. As of today I loss 27lbs. I eat several small portion meals which usually consist of a couple of ounces of protein like chicken or fish and possibly a vegetable if I can fit it. I try to drink a lot of water but you cannot drink and eat at the same time so it's a challenge. I take a multi vitamin, calcium citrate, and a b-12 every day. My next appointment is October 15th. Besides the initial 2 weeks of pain I would gladly do this all over again. I am extremely pleased with how great I feel already. Please write back with your comments or questions.

That is fabulous! Doesn't it make you feel good that you can now offer them advice and set an example that they can follow going forward????

I am very close to having the procedure done, please tell me how you are doing? How did you manage the 2 weeks prior and after. How long were you in the hospital. What about the drain tube. I really need to hear a good results story.

I am happy for you.I had it done 2-18-09 and it was the best thing I could have done for myself.Good health and good luck to you.If you wanna chat I'm here.

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I had the gastric bypass November 08. I think that you will be very happy that you had it! If you have any questions I will gladly talk to you! Congratulations and good luck to you.