Gastrointestinal Bleeding And Tachycardia

In April 2004, I had a black film in my field of vision because of a blocked blood vessel in my eye, which I have accounted elsewhere on this site. I immediately went to an eye specialist who put me on a regimen of one 81mg baby aspirin per day to thin my blood. The aspirin did the trick for that, but I was already severely anemic and the aspirin started me bleeding in my intestines, although I drank at least a full glass of water after taking the aspirin, even though it was chewable.

At this time, as I have accounted, again, elsewhere on this site, I developed a severe pain radiating down my left arm which severely limited my range of motion in that arm. I went to a pain specialist for that and he checked my heart rate and said I had tachycardia, which is an unusually rapid heartbeat, from severe anemia. He also checked the sclera on the inside of my bottom eyelids, which only confirmed his diagnosis.

The pain doctor became severely agitated and said that I MUST get to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY, by taxi-cab (!), for treatment, perhaps blood transfusions! I thought he was ridiculous. I was amazingly calm in view of his agitation. He was so adamant that when I told him that I didn't have money for a cab, he said that he would pay for it, which he did. I knew that he felt that this was an extreme emergency, but I could not share his sense of urgency.

The cab dropped me at the emergency room and they registered me and got me onto a gurney with a speed that I had never experienced before. The wait was in the interior of the emergency room. I did not have time to contact anyone, and I felt very alone and started to cry, while lying there solo. The staff took blood tests and tried to be cheery, but I was having none of it. 

I was there about an hour when the attending doctor came and told me that they wanted to take a rectal examination. I told him absolutely not as I was menstruating and as I knew that a rectal examination would more than likely lead to a colonscopy, which I didn't want to have because I knew someone whose health, he and his wife believed having one had ruined, and from which he never recovered, waking up from the operation they said he needed with a colostomy bag on his stomach, which I dreaded.

I became angry and decided that I knew what to do to heal myself. I told the doctor that I would like to check myself out. He said there was a paper I needed to sign, but they seemed to be stalling, and my clothes and personal effects were all still right there with me, so, I just got dressed and walked out. I felt an unearthly calm steal over me as I was walking to the subway to go home.

When I got home, I simply went to bed, having determined exactly what I would do on nobody's recognaissance but my own. I still remember how sumptuous my old bed felt; that was one of the most peaceful nights I'd spent in a long time! I had decided to try the herbal remedy I'd read about, which is supposed to be curative especially for colon and breast cancer, but upon which the main research arms in this country for cancer are doing absolutely NO research; or weren't at that time; I have not checked since. It's way too inexpensive, compared to chemotherapy, and doctors wouldn't be able to control it and their patients, nor make oodles of money off them from it!

It's called Essiac, which is the name of the last name of the nurse, Caisse, who made it famous, through much heartache and persecution in the early 1900's in Canada, although she originally got the formula from one of her patients who'd used it to treat her breast cancer successfully, and who'd gotten that treatment from a Native American Indian shaman. It is a combination of herbs mixed together into a pleasant tasting tea. You can buy it already brewed in liquid form from various companies, and you can get it in tea form and brew it yourself, or you can just get the single herbs and brew them yourself. Ask at your local health food store if you are interested. If they don't have it they can order it for you.

I bought a one quart bottle at the time, which has about eight days worth of doses in it. I took it as prescribed, stopped the aspirin, and also took liquid Geritol with my general practitioner's permission. I told him nothing about the Essiac. He tested my blood every three months after that, as was his habit, and after about six months, he declared that my anemia was totally cured. I knew I had stopped bleeding internally because my stools were no longer tar-like in color and consistency.

Essiac can also be taken as a preventative of cancer. Recently, when I settled a small law suit, I bought a case (four quarts) and took all of them over December 2005 to March 2006. I had to slow down on it because the full dose was giving me cramps, so I followed the instructions in the book on it that I have by the same name, Essiac, and dropped the dose to one tablespoon once every other day and gradually raised it until I was at the full dose again, and I never had any more problems with cramping from it again. One case or four quarts, costs under $125.00 including shipping from the company where I get it. Contact me for more information. I also still take the Geritol to good effect.
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Apr 5, 2006