Me And My Friend

Well one night my friend came over and he liked diapers a lot so we got 2 from my little brothers room and he somehow convinced me to wear one. We started playing Xbox and we where only in them. We latter soaked them and he asked if the could feel mine and he was groping it for a few minutes and it felt good on my D. So I said let me fell urs and he did, laying on the ground with his legs wide open. I looked at him and sall a little point on the top of his diaper, I knew what it was and I got one when he was fingering my diaper.(I'm not gay, it was just the feeling of my D and bells being touched) so then I went and started to feel it and he really filled it, I could only imagine what it felt like on him. Then he put his hands in his diaper and started faping and and a few minutes all I heard was the look and sound of relief. Latter I feel asleep and right after I did I woke up to him humping me. It kind-of felt good and I was really lazy and just let it go.
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wtf it didnt save. whatever good story

last post was me. i decided to change profile settings

i wish i had a man like you do.

Really great story. I've just *** in nappy i was <br />
so aroused.thats a great relationship.

I envy you so much... I want to hump a fellow DL until he's messy and sleep over with him :

you are so lucky I wish I was you

It was so Awsome