Me In A Diaper And Sex

I so love when I can get with a man and be myself and wear a diaper while we are together. I was with a man who I call my daddy this last weekend and I met him at the door wearing a very wet and poopy diaper. He greeted me at the door and told me what a naughty boy I was and that after he changed me he was going to have to spank me for being such a naughty boy. Well, he took me into the bedroom, undressed me and then layed me down and then lifted my legs up and took my diaper off and he then very carefully and very sensually cleaned my bottom and then my **** as well. He cleaned and played with me for the longest time until at last he stopped and told me it was time to get spanked. My spanking took a while and he would stop it once in a while to play with my hole and rub my bottom. Finaly, he put me on my back and then re-diapered me. He then rolled me over and slid my diaper down and began to lick and kiss, and finger my bottom, getting it ready for his hard c*ock. He then decided to use a ***** on my butt and did so for a while. He then put his hard **** in my mouth and I licked, kissed and played with it for a long time. He told me to get his **** ready for my ***. Finally, he mounted me and f*cked me for a while until he came inside of me. It was amazing bending over with my diaper half way down getting f*cked by the guy who just changed my diaper. We are planning on doing this a lot.
chubbybabyanthony chubbybabyanthony
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

sounds like fun i never did that but would like too for some other guys its a turn/off when they see you are wearing a diaper and plastic panties/i hope too get with a guy that likes the way i dress and have fun....

And me ........

Great story bud got me going xxx