Glandular Fever For Almost A Year Now..

So I started getting this crazy sore throat back in January of this year after a long period of personal stress. At the time I thought it would be short-lived but how wrong I was.

April 2012 - throat still very sore. Impossible to eat solid food without it seriously hurting or stress of choking. Went to doctors numerous times but no one ever mentioned glandular.

May - energy levels so bad I quit my job. The amount of effort required just to speak is exhausting.

August - still very little energy but no work and lots of sun is helping. Not enough though.

September - finally diagnosed!

November - Energy levels at an all time low. Lots of sick time off work and no evening or weekend activities possible.

December/now - still feeling terrible but have admitted defeat. All day bed rest is the only way forward. Lots of good food and vitamins. Also getting a fair amount of scary nerve pain throughout body - eek!

Today - REST is the only way forward. I don't know when I will finally feel better but let's pray it's soon. 2013 at some point would be good.

All the best to fellow sufferers, hang on in there! L xx
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I'm exactly the same its coming up to a year now,
The bit you put about even speaking is an effort is what makes this do isolating and at times depressing lets hope we see this summer in good health, ill never disrespect my body with getting stressed again ! I'd give everything to take it back I also had to quit my job too and move in with my mum ( I'm so lucky she's lovely and patient with me and I've no kids )

First off there is NO SUCH THING as "Glandular Fever" Find a different doctor FAST! Your "glands" aka lymph nodes are part of your immune system. If they are swollen and sore they are over worked due to fighting a chronic infection or you have something much more severe going on, such as a lymphatic disorder, the most common of which is Leukemia... This is NO joking matter. One of the first places to look if your doctor can not locate an underlying cause, and a doctor wirh any reasonable understanding of the human immune system would have already told you this, is your teeth. Have a full dental profile and xray done chronic swollen glands involving the neck and throat with no other viable cause are usually the result of dental infections or gum disease. And this can happen no matter how well you take care of your teeth. It is a well known fact that the term "glandular fever" was coined by MD's who lack the expertice and caring to go the extra step to do their job as they should. Making an excuse and an imaginary condition up over this is literallu putting your life at risk as it stresses your immune system out to the point of not being able to fight off other infections and viruses that would otherwise not affect you. People die from the common cold and flu because of this nonsense. It also allows a treatable infection to go unnoticed and spreat to vital organs and lead to death through systemic infection. In short YOU are th victim of malpractice.