Glandular Fever Ruined My Life...

This is a detailed report on my experience with glandular fever

It all started when i just turned 20 years old.  I was constantly sick i saw doctors and specialists and had a blood test confirming i glandular fever. 

I was always very fatigued and larthargic, nauseated, dizzy, faint, out of breath, i would get headaches and my eyes would become sensitive to the light.  My body would feel so weak and sensitive, i would always get the trembles. I was constantly laying down for months. I became really depressed, the doctors would say it would eventually go away but it didn't.  It also didn't help when people would say" your just depressed,"  " you need to change your lifestyle" and "its all in your brain theres nothing really wrong with you." That almost drove me insane, i started to think i was crazy. But there was one person in my life who even though didn't really understand what i was going through, supported me through everything, that was my mum. Without her support i seriously think i would of had a mental breakdown.

After months of suffering that i started getting really bad tummy pains, it felt like i had bricks in my tummy weighing me down,  I was always so nauseated and felt like i couldn't breath. After i had another blood test it confirmed i had a serious stomach bug called "helicbactor polori"

I had to go on something called a tripple treatment therapy, which involved taking really strong antibiotics for a whole week. These antibiotics were so strong they have to make you physically sicker for it to kill the stomach bug. My whole mouth felt like it was full of acid while taking them. After the week was up i had 2 tests to confirm it was gone. I still had stomach pains from time to time after that and had an ultrasound that found i also suffered from reflux. My immune system crashed so much i would catch any virus, flu, infection really quick and would take tripple the time to recover as most people.

Another thing i ended up getting was anxiety, really bad anxiety from constantly being sick. When you always feel like your body is deteriorating and it feels like you are slowly dying you don't want to go anywhere.  I was always so dizzy and faint i felt like i was about to pass out i got to the stage i wouldn't do anything on my own. I stopped driving for 2 years, i never went out unless it was with my mum and still i was anxious thinking i would pass out on the street. It got so bad i would not shower on my own, someone had to be in the bathroom with me.

The doctor was telling me to go on an anti depressant for months but i never wanted to, was always to scared and hated the thought of relying on medication. After 2 years of suffering and taking so many different herbal and vitamin tablets i finally gave in and said i would try this medication which was for anxiety. I also went to see a psychologist to help me understand what i'm feeling and why your body still gets and reacts to these symptoms. She helped me a lot and helped me learn how to control some of my symptoms.

I am now 26 years old  and still every few months i am relapsing with the same symptoms. Some months are easier than others. But a lot of the time i still get really down when i'm not well. I went to see a specialist again as i was still feeling dizzy and my head was all fuzzy i get sinuses and am now on a waiting list now to get my tonsils taken out. I had one specialist tell me that sometimes glandular fever might ruin the tonsils in a way which it will never recover. I don't know if this is true or not as i have never heard of this before but im still getting my tonsils out incase its true.

Before getting glandular fever i hardly ever got sick, i was told everything i ever suffered after getting glandular fever being the anxiety, reflux, tummy bug, depression was all from my immune system crashing from glandular fever. Now i am so prone to getting sick real easily.

 I have researched and read a lot on glandular fever and anxiety and have a much better understanding about them which helps makes things a lot easier. I know many other people suffer from it and that the depression and anxiety are caused my having an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. I have read many other stories which most people  never feel the same after having glandular fever and they always seem to feel like they relapes again,  i agree with that as it still happens to me after six years.

There is not cure for glandular fever and not many things help. The only thing that helps me get through it is having support from the  people i love most in this world, people who understand what i'm going through and give me hope and encourage me to get through life the best i can. Always knowing i have my loved ones there to help.


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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

Hi I am just wondering of you ended up getting your toncils out and did it help? I feel the same as you exactly!! Reading that story made me very upset as I know how it feels to watch other people pass by living a happy healthy life while I stay behind in bed or on the couch. I would do anything to live a normal life and have someone to support me. Doing this alone for the rest of my life doesn't seem too advertiseing to me I don't think I want too.