It didn't start out good when I got the letter via email from the school. It said something about me not being able to register for summer classes and my GPA and blah blah blah. Then is said if your last name ends in... wait a week and then make an appointment with a counselor. Yeah right... gimmie crap news and I'm expected to wait! NOT!

So today was my appointment and he so fixed it! Hold was released and MSP has a GPA of 3.5! :) I also stopped by the advising office as they had my major listed wrong and turns out that I could actually graduate this year! OMG if I can handle this schedule for another 9 months I will have my first degree! I'm so gonna try...

Wait, it gets better! One of the computer classes I need she says I can test out of. She gave me a paper with permission to take the exam and if I pass I don't take the three credit class! I was pretty full of smiles this afternoon and even better is although the 2nd appointment made me about 20 minutes late for math, turns out that they were taking a survey and I didn't miss anything. I got there just after the teacher returned, we got our group project, first group to finish and an easy A for the day! HA! And I just happen to be the group leader so looks even better for me!


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Hey thats great!!! congratulations x