Scary Momentary Possession Story

I was mixing a drink and remembered an incident when, as a child, I set the shopping down, accidentally breaking a bottle of wine.  My grandmother was pretty upset.  Years later, I began to understand that she had an alcohol problem.  I remembered that, too, and thought it must have annoyed her because that stuff was meant to be drunk and was obviously not going to be drunk.  At that moment, my fingers reached into the glass holding the almost completed drink, and my arm yanked it off the counter and onto the floor.  I started laughing immediately because I don't like to waste booze, either, and there it was, on the floor, not getting drunk.  Nana still rocks.
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How lucky are you? I never saw my grand parents.

*awkwardly positions butt on bar stool, trying to look sophisticated without falling off*

i'll have a nana... neat... on the rocks... no wait, just in my hand is fine

The Nana rocks angle is pretty wild, as is the story of the ram possession .You have a wildly neat imagination and thanks for the story

Boozavenging super Nana! :D

Oooh good story, scared me!

Well I'm glad your Nana still rocks! Someone once poured my bottle of gin down the sink, and I was pretty mad, but I haven't touched a drink since.

This is great, scary and funny at the same time. Nana came back from the dead to not appreciate you wasting that.

'Nana still rocks'...what a riot...sounds like Nana got you back for spilling her booze :} But the question is, have you replenished your bourbon...or are you still on the scotch?

She got me good. I got a good laugh out of it. And, yes, bourbon is back in the house.


go nana... i once watched a dood drop and smash his six pack. so he sat cross legged mopping up beer with his fingers and sucking them dry while bawling like a little girl...

That's tragic. Way tragic.

Santa! If I saw that I would give him a beer. Not like its liquid gold.