Old Fashion Roller Sets

I am a fan of old fashion sets and has gone to a salon and have gotten a roller set. The perfect scenario for a salon set. Would be a sixties style salon everythine femme, and to have a shampoo set and have my hair styled in that era. I love everything from it to the salon to the roller set and finished style. That is pretty much why I like the show Mad men for all those hairstyles that I can only dream of wearing.
trvleuropenl trvleuropenl
2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I agree. Theres nothing better than a 60's style roller set. Last friday i had my hair done in a pretty bouffant with shell curls. Such a feminine feeling

Lately my girl hairdresser has been putting braids in after my awesome shampoo and conditioner. Last week she did four small braids, pinned them with bobby pins and put small rollers everywhere else. What a job she did !!