Future?-Some people say I can see the future because what I told them others not but lemme tell you a story

When I was about 10 I started to see things I never seen before in my mind for example...lets say is get in trouble ill see it in my brain then like a week later or even a couple hours days sometimes even months ill see it again but this time no not in my brain I am living it and no it's not a dream I would know I have had moments that are good with this some or bad sometimes I just blow it off and don't believe it sometimes ill believe it but I just don't understand Any tips Like what u think some people say I see the future only 2 of my friends know and they believe then another one I asked her "Have u ever seen the future or seen something then it happend" she thought I wa crazy but we change the subject but please tell me what u think
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This is called what people usually call Déjà Vu. Déjà Vu is commonly misused among many humans and people.
Though you're not alone in this^^

Yup Beene there done that. Had a dream around age 8 was at this dance in the mountains in a metal barn that was turned into a gym and had a garage door in the back wall. Out behind this gym there was a dock and a lake. And in the middle of this lake there was a kid drowning calling out to me for help. Flash forward to age 16 I skip Boy Scouts camp and go with parents and sisters to campfire camp in the mountains of NewMexico. I keep hearing this voice in the back of my head calling for me to help. Well middle of the week we have a dance in a metal building turned into a gym with a garage door in the side wall instead of back wall behind it was dry lake bed. Age 18 I go back to the campfire camp this time as counselor and lifeguard. The people that owned the camp didn't have the pool heated that year this girl jumped in at the deep end where I was standing and started drowning. Everything got quite and I moved in slow motion as I reached down and pulled her out. That night I got bad migraine headache and was laying on my bed listening to a cassette of Garth brooks and part of a song hit me. "A dream is like a river ever changing as it flows, the dreamer just a vessel that must follow where it goes. Meaning that me pulling that girl out of the pool fulfilled that dream of the kid drowning in the lake!

I already did that. When it happens to me mostly I see myself walking somewhere thinking in some specific thing, and then it happens some time before

That's like me!! Sometimes it's all blurred and hard to make out but more often than not it's clear. And it's all a scene displayed in your mind and it leave. You feeling weak after.. There isn't really many tips to tell, just to let them in and when you feel one coming make sure you're alone..

OMG! Same I just have things I see like that will happen a week later and I am just like o-o WHAT JUS HAPPEND?

And can you sense small things that'll happen later that day and sometimes think things and it happens a few mins later

Yes!! I had one friend that told me se has sensed the same things!! And she is 14 like me and I also have heard a boy my old online friend say that he has had the same senses and stuff and he was 13 My vision like things don't come to me every day all te time they will come to me sometimes ill be sitting in the car with my dad and ill space out for like a minute and they are sometimes blurry sometimes see very well and sometime I could see when someone will die no joke a week before my aunt died I saw a death or something in my mind a week later she died

I seen a coffin in a marble church not too long ago. About a month, I think. For some reason the people who sense the same things as I do are around 14, and I'm 14.. Where you born in April?

Yes I was Born Apirl 23 2000my friend she was born April 19 2000 and the boy April 13 2000

April 26th 2000. I would say it's a coincidence but I don't believe in them. Is there a pattern between the dates?

They all have to do with '3'.. 3, 9, 3, 6

Yeah Like it's wired but also I think it's kinda cool we get to see the things we are but at the Sam time it sometimes hurts my head alittle The visions I get I could either be in them no one saw me or I'm just seeing it happen

And sometimes I do not hit every little thing but I had a couple of visions that will show every little detail

Yeah. For some reason I used to be able to 'tune in' to things that where happening. Like, people getting shot and all that. It was like I was watching the real thing except I wasn't. Do you have anger issues?

Not as much but if I get mad like I get so mad u don't wanna mess with me! And yes! I could have a vision of someone at school I barley know! Like this boy I had a vision about his mom It was like a month ago I didn't know his mom died weeks before It gave every deatial

And the others? Anger issues?

Ya I asked 1 of them she said yeah just alittle

Now this just went from small level weird to high amounts of weird.....


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