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 Let me just start to say that I love my fiance. He is a soldier in the Army, and nothing turns me on more than seeing him in his ACUs or Class A's... but when we get to the actual deed... I am left unhappy and sexually frustrated. We kiss for a minute, and he only touches me when I actually take his hand and put it where I want it. The second I take my hand away, he does too. We'll have maybe a minute or so of foreplay. Once he's ready... that's it. I might not be ready and I'll tell him that, so he just spits in his hand and rubs it down there so he can enter, even though I've told him it kind of hurts at first when he does that because I'm not ready. It does feel good after a minute, so he doesn't realize that what he does just isn't acceptable. Total time from start to his finish... maybe 5 minutes.


I also have a higher sex drive and I want it more often. Well... not even more often, but I want spontaneity. We have sex in the morning right when we wake up, and right before we go to sleep. I have tried to get something going in the middle of the day, but I'm rejected each and every time, saying that it makes him tired and that's why he only wants to do it when we're just waking up or late at night, and it's just starting to make me feel unwanted and unattractive since he's in much better shape than me.  

He's told me that he's insecure because I've had more experience than he has, and I don't want to bruise his ego. He leaves to go overseas on Wednesday, and I don't want him to leave like this, but I just don't know how to tell him that this one part of our relationship is making me very moody, frustrated and unhappy. Girls, what would you do? Guys, how would you want to be told? He doesn't get the hints...

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Did you ever talk to him and let him know?

I am sory on your guy. what a man? don"t be sad girl, you will be ok someday. You will satisfy with sex