I had the 1 hour in office teeth whitening that rhymes with loom, and I gotta say I wasn't impressed.  I thought my teeth were pretty yellow (I drink alot of soda and iced tea) but I was only a 2 on the teeth stain scale.  I had to put this uncomfortable plastic lip holder in my mouth and hold up the lazer that was whitening my teeth for 15 minutes straight at a time.  At first it wasn't that bad but then my teeth started to get real sensitive and my lips were burning.  After it was finally over my lips were really sunburned (from the lazer) and my gums turned white (also burned).  It was really painful and blistery for a couple days.  To top it all off my teeth only had streaks of white on them and the rest was still yellow. After about 1 week my teeth were the same color they were to begin with minus my $300.  Save your money and try something else but I'm not sure what.  I also have the custom teeth tray with whitener from my dentist and it isn't really working either.  Help!  
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that product is not for you

The claims of whitening in one visit are exaggerated, but with two or three applications the in-office whitening is very effective. The transient sensitivity you may experience can be controlled with fluoride applications. From the sound of it, you didn't have a lot of color change to achieve to begin with. It also sounds like there was inadequate protection of your oral tissues, which should have been protected by UV blocking chemical dam material, as well as UV protective gauze.<br />
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The trays should work over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, IF you are brushing and flossing very well first, and applying the trays with adequate material for a min of an hour a day as well as avoiding ALL potentially staining foods.<br />
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OMG! The SAME thing happened to me. So I made an appointment and went back to the dentist and he went on and on about how people with too white teeth cannot find "caps" if they ever chip a tooth. I think it was a bunch of BS and he was just feeding me a line so he wouldn't have to deal with me, it wasn't worth my time, $$ or the PAIN!

Don't whiten your teeth anymore, I read that if you keep on repeating it, you can get oral cancer.<br />
Sorry about your experience, I appreciate the.information.<br />
Thanks for telling us...

I would hope that you got some sort of refund! Not only did the procedure not work, but it was directly detrimental to you. I hope you find something that works for you.