Time To Change Your Panties

Ok so I get this txt from this woman I am having this very fun affair with and she tells me she is in this dressing room at kohls and its so private and roomy with mirrors all around and her ***** is getting so wet wishing she could have me **** the hell out of her there. Well me being the guy that I am reply with a, " i'm minutes away and will be right there." So I get there and enter the store with my heart pounding wondering will I actually be able to enter the womans dressing room with out being hauled off by security.  I do it with out a hitch and I open the door to her fitting room and my heart stops,.............she has got on this thight *** mini skirt above the knee boots and a sexy tight tank on with her leg proped up on the bench with her finger slipped just inside her thong. (WOW) instant rock hard ****.  I quikly cross the dressing room and its huge by the way like a hanicap stall and grab her by her long hair and wrap it around my right hand while my left goes right to that sopping wet ***** i mean my fingers were dripping and my **** was twitching with anticipation.  I take my fingers and rub them around her mouth so she and i can taste that ******* sweetness.  I lay her down on the bench pull them panties off and open her legs wide and expose that goergous *****, I bury my face and tongue in her licking and biting her qlit until she groans and **** already the noise is almost to much so I take her wet panties stick them in her mouth which she totally digs so I then take off my shirt wrap it around her one leg and tie it to the handicap bar along the bench then take her tank top pull it over to the one arm and tie it to the other bar so now shes got one leg on the floor one hand restrained by me and the other tied with her mini still on and boots as well no top and her dripping ***** wide *** open.  So now I'm telling her how ******* nasty and sexy she is while im smacking her ***** and nibbling her nipples and putting her free hand on my ****, I cant take it anymore so I place myself between her legs and thump her ***** with my **** and i'm so ready to explode its killing me, I have to be so careful because I got this ******* awesome sexy nasty ***** dripping wet begging me to **** her and I'm scared to put the tip of my throbbing **** in that wet ***** for fear i will let it go. So I have to feel it I slowly and I mean slowly dip my tip just barely into her, her lips look so sexy around me as i look at her eyes tell me how much fun shes having and her panties are still wedged into her mouth so i decide to jam my whole **** deep inside her hard and fast with like multiple thrust just enough to really tease my **** and get it so coated with her ***.  I pull her panties out of her mouth kiss her very passionately while very slowly ******* her and whispering how im going to put my **** in her mouth so she can taste us. I pull out and postion myself beside her head grab her behind her head and stick my **** in her mouth until she gags, she is so into whats happening its such a turn on and I'm never wanting this to end. So now she is sucking my **** and Im tell her easy dont you make me *** because she is very ambitious if you get my meaning, I take my free hand because the other one is holding myself in the proper position and start slapping her ***** and **** and let me just remind you there are people using the other dressing rooms in the same space so its really hard being quiet and with each slap on that kitty she moans and sucks my **** so wonderfully.  I know take 2 fingers stick them inside her with my thumb in the pubic area and I squeeze and pick her up off the bench repeatedly massaging that g spot vigirously until she squirts all over that bench, ok I cannot take this anymore because I love this so I get my **** back into that ***** telling her how I have to *** all over my sexy ***** right now and she is begging me to so I jam my **** into her thrusting and pounding and making noise and pounding until I am going to *** and I pull out and cover her belly, abdomen,and chest with my ***, I can hardly describe the feelings of extasy and release and satisfaction I felt, Now I fall to her body to body smearing that juice between us and kissing her feeling our sweat and bodily fluids covering everything.....I mean wow.  This is only part one because after a few minutes after I untie her she sqwats with her legs open and the mini open exposing her glistening ***** lips while i stand looking down at this beautiful woman taking my still dripping semi soft **** at this point and licking and sucking and massaging and smiling and moaning and loving and yep.....rock hard again   

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3 Responses Nov 22, 2009

Got it, Blu.

If that had been me... panties in mouth or not... half the store woulda heard me.

Sounds so....messy. Ok, so did fitting room people come kick you out or anything. I think I am going to be try something like this tonight. 0_0