Jock Itch...... Party Over

I am 50yrs old, I love the summer and all the activities, but along with the heat came that horrible itch. I tried the anti fungal creams, which do help but can have their own set of side effects. I changed my detergents and no matter what I would still be miserable. Couldn't ride my bicycle or motorcycle because of the discomfort.

I tried almost everything. Then one of my friends asked why don't I ride anymore, and I told him.
The next day he stopped by with a small bottle of a shampoo
It works like a medicated shampoo (it tingles)
Its a dark green bottle with a orange cap
Made by Fantasia
Tea Tree naturals shampoo
Now if you have a really bad case of JI i would not recommend this, but mild to severe without open sores, this might be for you
Use your regular soap on the other parts of your body then rinse
Use this soap on your groin and your butt.... DON'T use your nails, only rub it in, do your inner thighs too.
let it sit for about a minute, then rinse .
dry all other parts of your body, use a separate towel to pat dry, but make sure you are DRY afterwards
try it for a week, do the same if you have athletes foot also.
Note if you do have athletes foot use a separate towel for you feet and one for your privates
You may start to feel better before you know it
I went the entire 2012 summer with only one mild incident while on vacation, because i left the soap home. Back to biking and working out :-) .
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Nov 29, 2012