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When I was a teen I used to play sports and had to wear a jock strap. A little bit later one time in the summer I had an itchy sorta rash type of thing on my ****. I had jock itch. Oh my gosh it hurt so f****** bad. And even worse off my dad wasn't home that weekend because he was visiting an old friend and my mom knew something was up because everytime my balls were itching I would make an excuse to go to the bathroom to go scratch, wash my hands and come back. Well I was irritable and asked me what was going on and I just ignored her because I was too embarassed to tell her the truth, but she still found out because she accidentally walked in on me when I was in the bathroom about to take a shower-thought that would help my itch and she said sorry honey, but I gotta pee. So I got out of the bathroom, standing naked and my girlfriend walks through the door and sees my exposed penis and asks me why it looks so funny (bumpy) and my mom comes out and tells her I have jock itch and my mom gets me an overcounter med after I got my shower, dragged me to the store with her and then asks me what kind i'd like better and compares the name brand to the store brand and i'm p***** off and she says oh your'e worse than a woman with PMS just as my friend from school was walking past that aisle and heard everything. Then she still made me go to our family doctor and I had to get undressed from the waist down and the doctor wasn't in...sick I guess, so the nurse fills in for her and she is so hot I dropped my load on the examination table. grrrrrr....... and she didn't give any new meds, recomended what my mom already bought me.
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Pretty sure most of this is untrue

Had terrible case of jock itch....burning, itching, red bumps, painful and uncomfortable experience. Used Lotrimin (miconazole, liquid spray) for 3 weeks with little improvement. Then I switched to Lamisil (terbinafine, liquid spray). Worked marvelously. No joke if you think you have jock itch or a fungal infection get Lamasil spray it worked fantastic.

hehehe, yeah i did the internet diagnosis too and worked out i had jock itch. once you get the cream it cleans up pretty well, expect in the thigh of my leg, i now have a bit of slightly darker skin. jock itch scar?

I went thru the same thing only I didn't spooge at the doctors office :P lol!!<br />
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I got help at<br />
<br />
was a lifesaver, I compared what I had to pictures there and found some cream right away off their main page.<br />
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You dropped your load spontaneously, or did you jack off?

Oh my gosh. Sorry about you're bad experience with jock itch, but that was f'ing hilarious. I laughed so hard I almost peed. Anyhow, it could have been worse. You could have had a male yeast infection.