Knee Surgery

I`ve had 6 surgeries on my right knee to date, 2 in the last 14 months, the other 4 over 25 years ago, all for cartilage and ligament damage. To date I am still experiencing sharp pain in my knee, beneath the kneecap to be exact. Do anyone else out there have any of these issues and if so, does anything ease the pain?? I`m dreading having to visit my doctor again, having to go for x-rays, mri`s, etc, to be told I need to go under the knife again...
Any help would be appreciated,
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I had 6 surgeries on my left knee and 1 on my right. I'm still recovering. After my first surgery a couple days later it was bleeding through my bandage. I had to go back to hospital and it ended up being Staff infection. I was like how? I had IVs for months of antibiotics and nurse every Tuesday. I finally had to have the Sutures removed. Dr felt it helped cause infection. I was better immediately afterwards. This was my 6th surgery. One day I stood up from couch and fell down. My right knee cap was above my thigh. I had to have another surgery and I'm recovering now. I've been off work off and on since March. It's very depressing for me because I, usually active jogging working out. I even used to compete in bodybuilding competitions when I was younger. I'm having a hard time keeping my sanity. Depression is intense. I trying to keep my spirits up.

I have hade a total of 8 knee operation the 1st at age 24 (now 45) for torn cartilage and ligaments. I had operation #8 in November (right knee) and #9 (left knee) in three days. I have not found anything that helps with the pain or to reinjure them. I have gotten fitted for a custom knee brace for after the surgery so i will see if that helps.

hi, i had my second knee op on 3/1/12 im also in considrable pain down the inside of my knee and under the knee cap at the front, my leg locks when trying to stand, nothing im taking seems to ease the pain, the pain is waking me up at night, the surgeon said i have artheritis in my knee and this is flaring the knee up more than usual, i feel the same as you, i dont want to go under the knife again, i honestly believe that now im 40 years old i will have this pain for the rest of my life, so if anyone as got any tips or tricks please post a note as its desperate times ahead.<br />